“The NHR 9200 battery test systems are flexible, reliable and cost effective. The ability to configure single 9200s, or multiple 9200s, for either multiple low power channels or a single high power channel gives us greater flexibility and efficiency in our test scheduling. This flexibility has allowed us to perform more of our testing in-house saving us time and money. The power ratings and voltage range of the 9200s allow us to fulfill all of our module, 48V pack and 12V pack testing requirements. NHR test equipment is very dependable. Our testing requires 24/7 operation and the NHR units have done this with zero downtime. The slew rate capability of the units allows us meet the response-demand and accuracy of our customer drive cycles as well as giving us the capability of performing some specialty testing in-house. The compact footprint and easy electrical connection make installation of the units very easy. The interface to our external test and monitoring systems was user-friendly, simple and stable. The modularity of the load units adds to the ease of servicing. The NHR team has been very responsive and delivered on all of the timing requirements. The sales team was responsive without being high pressure. In the early part of the project they were quick to provide technical information and worked well with us in the final specification and quoting stages. The service/training team was very knowledgeable with the product and worked well with our team during the updating and training processes. All of the deliveries were made on time and without damage or issue.”
Tony Gambrel A123 Systems