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Testing Electric Vehicles Using Battery Emulation

Testing Electric Vehicles with Battery Emulation - NH Research (NHR)

Today, next generation battery emulation provides a competitive advantage for testing electric vehicle (EV) components and systems. Battery Emulation is ideal for testing the electric powertrain, DC fast charging and other EV applications in which a battery is required for testing.

Using batteries as power sources for testing is an extremely time-consuming and costly challenge across the transportation electrification industry including EV, aerospace, and e-mobility markets. The transition from traditional to modern electrification architectures, require flexible and scalable testing methodologies. Testing with batteries can delay projects, increase safety risks and hinder engineering productivity. As electrification is evolving to higher power demands, the ability to emulate a battery or energy storage systems with speed and accuracy is critical. Battery emulation can substantially reduce test time, energy consumption and operating costs.

Battery Emulation Testing vs. Real Battery Testing

There are 3 key benefits to testing electric vehicles with battery emulation or battery simulator testing, rather than using a real battery. Battery emulation dramatically reduces testing time, provides highly repeatable test results, and creates a safer test environment. This results in preparation time, operator errors, and result variations due to battery temperature or aging, being eliminated.

Testing EVs with Battery Emulation Reduces Testing Time

Testing a real battery often requires operator preparation for each step. Batteries must first be charged, or discharged, then allowed to rest, and finally tested. The significant battery preparation time can be avoided by using an emulated battery. Emulation can reduce total test times by more than 70%.

Battery Emulation Provides Repeatable Test Results

Over time, batteries provide inconsistent test results, wear out, and need to be replaced. Battery age, internal temperature, and cycling are all contributing factors to the limited battery life-span. Manual battery operation, including rest time facilitation, can also cause inaccurate test results. Battery emulation provides consistent and repeatable test results, unlike those from real battery testing, during which battery changes and operator errors cause variations in test results.

Battery Emulation Improves Safety

Although batteries are generally safe when operated within normal operating ranges, they are high energy devices that may pose serious risks upon battery or unit under test (UUT) failure. Such risks include exposure to dangerous gases, fires, explosions, or corrosive chemicals. These concerns have led to safety policies stating that tests must be conducted and monitored during working hours. Furthermore, testing extreme cases of over-discharged or over-charged batteries can pose unpredictable risks and safety hazards. Battery emulation creates a safe testing environment without any of the concerns that arise when real batteries are used. Also, emulation safely verifies UUT behavior when a battery is outside a normal operating condition.

Not all Battery Emulators are Created Equal

While testing with real batteries is possible, it can seem quite impractical. Using battery emulator or battery simulator testing produces test results faster, provides a consistent test, and can safely test power electronic devices that typically require a real battery.

However, not all battery emulators, regenerative DC sources and DC common bus architectures are optimally designed to provide accurate and timely results. There are key technology considerations when selecting a battery emulator for your application. Contact us to learn what battery emulation capabilities are the right approaches for faster, scalable and more repeatable testing.


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Collins Aerospace Selects NH Research Test Solutions for The Grid Electric Power Systems Lab

Collins Aerospace The Grid Lab - NH Research (NHR)

NH Research (NHR), a leading provider of power electronics test solutions, has been selected by Collins Aerospace to provide electrification test solutions for The Grid electric power systems lab in Rockford, Illinois.

Collins Aerospace is making a $50 million investment to create the industry’s most advanced laboratory for testing high-power electrical components and systems which will redefine the future of electric flight. The Grid will enable the future of aircraft electrification and is expected to begin initial operations later this year.

At NHR, we focus on developing world-class test solutions that enable electrification. We are proud to be selected as a key partner by Collins in redefining aerospace. This revolutionary development lab will advance and accelerate technology development by enabling test capability for high-power and high-voltage designs. We are excited to help achieve this vision with our advanced test solutions and dedicated support team,” said Pete O’Brien, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at NHR.

NHR will supply the high-voltage DC power farm for The Grid. The company’s 9300 regenerative, bi-directional DC source can be used as either a load or power source to recreate an aircraft environment for testing. The 9300 addresses a range of aerospace test solutions from individual components such as batteries and power electronics, to entire electric propulsion systems. NHR’s technology approach provides the speed, accuracy and safety necessary to emulate real-world conditions and optimize testing.

The 9300 test platform provides innovative battery emulation capability, flexibility to address today’s higher voltage levels, and modularity to expand for future requirements. This modular system can be scaled up to 2.4 MW in 100 kW building blocks, offering a wide operating envelope. Its dual voltage range of 600 V and 1200 V provides the flexibility and accuracy needed as higher voltage levels are required. The platform also has a unique series capability to reach higher voltages up to 1500 V. As a result, NHR’s 9300 platform allows for a range of possibilities in test while substantially reducing testing time and time to market.

About NH Research

NHR enables electrification by accelerating innovation, validation and functional testing of today’s technologies. Backed by over 50 years of experience in power conversion and power electronics test systems and instruments, our test solutions deliver the performance, simplicity, and safety that engineers and researchers in aerospace, defense, automotive and energy industries require.

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NHR Presents & Exhibits at APEC 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Battery Test Systems & Grid Simulator - NH Research, Inc. (NHR)NH Research Inc., a leading provider of power testing instruments and systems for the automotive, industrial, energy storage, and critical-power markets, will be presenting at APEC 2020.

Martin Weiss, Product Director at NHR, will present in an industry session entitled, “Using Battery & Fuel Cell Emulation for testing EV batteries, DC fast chargers & Powertrains”. In this session, he’ll discuss new technology trends in battery and fuel cell emulation, and key factors in selecting the right test solution. This session will  cover how technologies are used today in R&D and production for DC Fast Chargers, Powertrain, and other EV applications.

NHR will also be presenting at the Exhibitor Seminar on APEC’s opening day. We’ll be showcasing industry leading test solutions including our Battery Module/Pack Testers, Battery Emulation Systems, Grid-Simulators, and AC Loads. Visit booth # 1717 to learn about NHR’s flexible and expandable test solutions for advanced battery technologies, electric and hybrid vehicles, and critical power technologies. Application engineers will be on-hand to demonstrate NHR’s flexible 9200 & 9300 series battery module and pack test systems, 9410 regenerative grid simulator, and 9430 4-Quadrant AC loads.

Event: APEC 2020
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Dates: March 15 – 19, 2020
Visit Booth: #1717

NHR Exhibitor Seminar: Battery Emulation Test Solutions: Technology Trends & Opportunities
Date: Tuesday, March 17
Time: 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: Exhibit Theater 3

NHR Industry Presentation: Using Battery & Fuel Cell Emulation for Testing EV Batteries, DC Fast Chargers & Powertrains
Date: Thursday, March 19
Time: 2:35 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: R01

For more information on our Battery Test Solutions or our EV Powertrain Testing Solutions, visit our application page.

About NH Research

NH Research, Inc. (NHR) enables electrification by accelerating innovation, validation and functional test of today’s technologies. Backed by over 50 years of experience in power conversion and power supply test systems we provide world class test instruments and systems. Our solutions provide the performance, simplicity, and safety that engineers and researchers desire.

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