Get Your Battery Test Project on Track in 2021 ? Free Webinar!

Apresentador: Martin Weiss, Gerente de Produto da NH Research (NHR)

Are your battery test projects on schedule? Covid-19 has resulted in numerous project delays worldwide, due to workplace shutdowns, delayed funding and talent acquisition challenges. These are the 3 most common reasons we?ve seen for project delays due to the pandemic. In this webinar, NH Research (NHR) will help you get your project back on track in the New Year.

Product Development Schedule Challenges:

  • Hardware acquisition put on hold, but development schedules remain the same
  • Difficult talent acquisition for battery expertise and experienced software developers
  • Workplace shutdowns preventing lab access and new work from home trends

This presentation we?ll cover how to overcome the above challenges with proven, next generation battery test solutions. Simplifying and accelerating the battery test process can help you focus on innovation and get to market faster. NHR serves as your partner in test by offering hardware, software, and the engineering support needed to complete critical projects effectively and on time.

Palestrante do Webinar

Martin Weiss - Product Director at NH Research

Martin tem mais de 25 anos de experiência no desenvolvimento de sistemas de teste automatizados para avaliar sistemas eletrônicos de potência e sistemas de bateria. Como Diretor de Produto da NH Research (NHR), Martin é responsável pelo desenvolvimento técnico e pelo lançamento de novas soluções de teste de software e hardware, orientadas pelo setor. Anteriormente, ele trabalhou como engenheiro de design principal para empresas de alta tecnologia, incluindo Vocollect, Marconi Communications e Telxon.