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AC Sources with HiVAR Technology

NH Research, Inc.?s (NHR) AC Power Sources include the Simulador de grade regenerativa (9410) e a Fonte CA HiVAR (9420).

NHR?s AC and DC Source test equipment provides modular and scalable power advanced measurement capability, fast response-times, and multiple layers of safety designed into the product. These AC Sources are designed for high performance, configuration flexibility and ease of use. NHR offers two types of AC sources depending on your test requirements. Applications include testing the utility grid, Vehicle to Grid (V2G), solar and grid-tied inverters as well as military testing such as magnetic devices, inductors, transformers, and more.

Using test equipment with regenerative, bi-directional power is becoming increasingly important for bi-directional applications such as the electrification of transportation and renewable energy markets. These bi-directional capabilities are especially ideal for utility companies to test and understand the impacts of e-mobility and grid-tied devices (DG and V2G) on the grid. Simulating the bidirectional power flows to and from the grid substantially speeds up testing time and reduces energy costs.

Regenerative AC source applications include grid simulation/emulation for teste de inversores fotovoltaicos e outros produtos ligados à rede para conformidade com IEEE 1547, and global industry standards. Other key AC source applications include general purpose power conversion testing, UPS, and ATE/military testing over a wide range of voltage and frequency options.

Características principais:

  • Programmable 1, 2 or 3-Phase
  • Mix AC & DC on separate output channels
  • Fast response times to simulate real-world conditions
  • Digitalizador de formas de onda integrado e sistema de medição avançado
  • Advanced control features beyond voltage, current, & power
  • Medições de precisão com faixas de tensão / corrente separadas
  • Multiple layers of safety, built-in
Programmable 1, 2 or 3-Phase and HiVAR Technology
AC DC Sources - NH Research (NHR)
Microgrid Solar Wind Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)

Regenerative Grid Simulator /AC Source

NHR? S Regenerative Grid Simulator 9410, or Grid Emulator, is a bidirectional AC source ideal for simulating complex power disturbances for testing micro-grid such as Solar/PV inverters, ESS, V2G, the utility grid, and chargers. A wide-range of AC conditions can be emulated including phase imbalance, voltage sag, frequency changes, and harmonic injection.

Applications include grid simulation/emulation for teste de inversores fotovoltaicos e outros produtos ligados à rede para conformidade com IEEE 1547, UL 1741, and global industry standards in addition to military applications.

  • 8 power ratings ? scalable from 4 to 96 kW
  • Dual AC voltage range ? 175, 350 VAC at 30 to 100 Hz AC
  • Dual DC voltage range ? 200, 400 VDC
  • Regenerative discharge (load) High efficiency > 90%

AC Source with HIVAR

NHR? S AC Source with HiVAR (9420) is a general purpose AC source offers more than twice the apparent power capability per kW than traditional AC sources. Traditional AC sources list only their VA rating leaving it up to the user to figure out how much true power remains after reactive power reductions. In many cases, that reduction is substantial and then requires selecting a much larger VA-rated source than originally anticipated. Its wide operating envelope results in substantially more useable true power.

Applications include designs over a wide range of input voltages and frequencies for military applications such as magnetic devices, ATE, power-line disturbances, power conversion, UPS, PDU, data centers, etc.

  • 7 power ratings ? scalable from 8 to 96 kW
  • Dual range ? 175, 350 VAC at 30 to 880 Hz AC
  • Dual range ? 200, 400 VDC
  • Ultra-low current Energy Star measurement ranges
  • DC output & bi-directional DC operating option
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