Testing EV Components & Systems

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Presenter: Ben Jackson, Senior Applications Engineer at NH Research (NHR)

Electric vehicles of all types are comprised of many electrical subsystems, each requiring testing at various stages of completion to ensure its proper operation. Functional Testing is conducted to ensure a completed component meets a certain specification. This type of testing is critical in the EV marketspace, where safety, time, and performance are so important.

NH Research (NHR) specializes in not only this field of Functional Testing, but also the EV industry, where its advanced systems are used to test the newest technologies, providing increased safety, quick test times, and high performance.

Functional testing is an extremely time-consuming and costly challenge for the EV industry. Testing with the wrong equipment can delay projects, increase safety risks and hinder engineering productivity. As electrification is evolving to higher power demands, the ability to test with speed and accuracy to emulate real-world applications is becoming more important. We’ll cover how using the right test equipment can substantially reduce test time, energy consumption and operating costs.

In this session, learn about key technology considerations and technologies for the functional testing of EV batteries, electric powertrain, power electronics and fast charging. We’ll share industry trends and modern test solutions for faster, scalable and more repeatable testing.

Key Topics:

  • New technology trends in power test solutions
  • Key factors in selecting the right test solution
  • Specific EV industry application use cases

Webinar Speaker

Ben Jackson - Senior Applications Engineer at NH Research

Over 10 years of electrical engineering experience across a wide range of industrial applications. Ben’s expertise is especially focused on e-mobility markets including automotive and aerospace as well as renewable energy systems across the microgrid. In his current role, Ben provides consultation for designing hardware and software test solutions for both AC and DC applications.