AC Load Testing Fundamentals

Free Webinar

Presenter: Ben Jackson - Senior Applications Engineer at NH Research

This webinar will review the fundamentals of ac loading for testing applications across residential, commercial, electric vehicles, aerospace, and military markets. We’ll dive into key features and functions of both traditional and modern ac loading conditions and their many applications across these industries. The ability for ac loads to emulate complex load profiles to include harmonics and sub-cycle transients is important for testing the device and/or the grid to meet modern day requirements.

Learn about the most effective test approaches and test solutions to ensure accuracy, product performance, safety, and reduced time to market. Example applications include testing the grid, inverters, lock rotor current, V2G, EVSE, avionics, UPS, switch and fuses, and more.

Key Technical Concepts:

  • Regenerative power
  • AC load 4 quadrant operation
  • True power factor shift
  • Linear, non-linear, inductive and capacitive loading
  • Testing in various emulation modes: CC, CR, CP, SC
  • How to create complex load profiles
  • Harmonics and sub-cycle transients

Webinar Speaker

Ben Jackson - Senior Applications Engineer at NH Research

Over 10 years of electrical engineering experience across a wide range of industrial applications. Ben’s expertise is especially focused on e-mobility markets including automotive and aerospace as well as renewable energy systems across the microgrid. In his current role, Ben provides consultation for designing hardware and software test solutions for both AC and DC applications.