Enerchron® 2.0 Test Management Software

Advanced test creation, execution & reporting capability for battery cycling & other data-intensive test applications


  • Continuous measurement collection, monitoring and archiving
  • Powerful Test Sequence Editor that optimizes flexibility and intuitiveness
  • Program remapping capability simplifies battery cycling
  • Ability to instantly scale test sequences to other like products
  • Dynamic, configurable reporting and charting
  • Ability to add new test system hardware onto the core software package
  • Import and dynamically scale Drive Cycle tables
  • Eliminate Post Processing data
Sequence editor - Enerchron 2.0

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Enerchron 2.0 test management software is a software suite ideally suited for test applications that yield extensive data over an extended period of time such as battery cycling and evaluation. It allows the creation of complex, dynamic test sequences without requiring the skills of a programmer. In addition to real-time viewing during execution, measurements are automatically archived for review and analysis after testing has been completed. Enerchron is available with NH Research’s Model 9200 and 9300 Regenerative Battery Test Systems or can be used to control additional Battery Test Systems, NHR air-cooled electronic loads, power supplies, temperature chambers, and data acquisition devices that measure temperature and pressure.


enerchron 2.0 test management software

  • Intuitive, menu-driven test sequence editor
  • Measurements continuously collected, time-stamped & archived
  • Scalable test sequencing
  • Import drive cycles
  • Data driven testing


  • Eliminate post-processing
  • Tester configuration flexibility



  • Enerchron 2.0


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