Simplify & Accelerate Test with Enerchron Test Executive

Enerchron is a powerful but easy to use test executive created for battery testing to simplify and accelerate your test automation. It’s a comprehensive battery test environment that includes integration with H/W and S/W tools. Enerchron is your shortest path to market.

  • Dramatically reduce software development time
  • Streamline your battery test process and workflow
  • Increase productivity and eliminate errors and repeated tests
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Reduce stress and testing difficulties
  • Stay on schedule and budget
Test Management Software - NH Research (NHR)

Breaking the Mold with Unique Variable-Based Formulas

Enerchron breaks the mold of traditional automated battery cycling software. Unlike traditional battery cycling software,  it provides a unique variable-based test sequence editor and easily integrates with external software and hardware. NHR's variable-based formula accelerates the overall battery test process by drastically saving time during development, execution and post-processing.

  • Organize and streamline your battery test process using variables to define key test data
  • Easily create test sequences with little or no programming experience
  • Dramatically reduce number of test programs needed

User-Friendly, Intelligent Platform

Enerchron significantly reduces development time, eliminates operator error and simplifies battery test. Customize your test environment around your business process, terminology and workflow for all users (Developer, Operator, Admin) and improve productivity. Built-in  software intelligence provides the user with safety warnings and alerts to ensure safety.

  • Customized Operator Interfaces prevent errors and control workflow
  • Dynamic control of test programs provides flexibility
  • Built-in software intelligence enhances safety
Battery Test Drive Cycle - NH Research (NHR)
Next Generation Battery Test Systems - NH Research (NHR)

Modular & Scalable Test Software

Scale Test Programs for Any UUT or Test Station

Battery cycling programs can now be easily created, run and repurposed for any Unit Under Test (UUT) or test station. NHR’s unique program re-mapping capability enables the flexibility to use the same test program across multiple battery cyclers.  This game-changing capability offers a scalable test solution that prevents duplication of test development efforts.

  • Scale test programs for any UUT and test station
  • Ensure test programs only run on battery cyclers with proper hardware
  • Prevent duplication of test efforts and increase engineering productivity

Data-Friendly: Focus On & Get Early Access to Important Data

Easily Import Data Files & Run Customizable Reports

Enerchron's data-friendly platform makes it easy to import test standards and data files, as well as configure reports. Running drive cycles is as easy as 1-2-3.  Enerchron's configurable report engine generates several reports automatically by capturing data during test.  This allows engineers to focus on and get earlier access to the most important test data. You no longer have to wait until the test is complete to get timely results. Enerchron allows you to dynamically monitor and control test programs.

  • Easily import and run drive cycles
  • Get early access to important data and improve data visualization during test
  • Eliminate or reduce post processing with configurable report engine
Test Management Software Measurement View - NH Research (NHR)

Integrate & Control External Software & Hardware

This powerful yet intuitive software tool controls and synchronizes any combination of testing devices including: NHR’s hardware devices, communication (CAN, Modbus, LAN, Serial), other commonly required equipment (data acquisition, relay controls, chambers/chillers), and more. NHR best-in-class instruments are available and are supplied with fully documented drivers allowing for easy in-field upgrades or for use of our hardware devices in existing test systems.

Diagram: Enerchron Test System Solutions - NH Research (NHR)

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