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EnerlabTM Lab
Management Software

Monitor, Control and Manage
Remotely, in Real-Time.
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Enerlab Lab Management Software

Advanced Enterprise Software to Monitor, Control and Manage NHR Enerchron® Test Systems

NHR customers have multiple test setups using Enerchron software for lab and production. Enerlab management software is a top level S/W solution that monitors, controls and manages Enerchron test systems.

  • Simplify operator usage to a single screen
  • Ensure safety with live camera views of labs
  • Start, stop & abort tests remotely
  • Track utilization & status of test program
  • Create customized dashboards
  • Perform customer “witness tests” remotely & safely
  • Improve engineering productivity with remote access
  • Maximize equipment (CAPEX) utilization & scheduled workload
  • Track weekly & in-test trends (charting feature)

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Get Enterprise-Level Access & Insights of Your Testing Labs

Enerlab allows key stakeholders to improve productivity, utilization and efficiency by providing real-time access and control to important lab and test information, anywhere at work or at home.

Enerlab Remote Test Management - NH Research (NHR)

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Monitor Your Lab or Production Line

Ensure Safety, Security, Utilization & Productivity

Enerlab provides a camera interface for live views of each lab within a facility. Remote monitoring allows for efficient and effective asset management, including test equipment and personnel. This additional insight provides oversight of multiple labs and projects, conveniently on one dashboard.

Enerlab Lab Monitoring - NH Research (NHR)

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Control Test Equipment Remotely, in Real-Time

Start, Stop & Abort Tests in Any Test Station, From One Dashboard.

Test selection, execution and reporting of all test programs within a facility can be managed remotely. Interact with tests, test parameters, and load new tests without having to be physically present at the hardware.

  • Scale test programs for any UUT and test station
  • Ensure test programs only run on battery cyclers with proper hardware 
  • Prevent duplication of test efforts and increase engineering productivity 

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Manage Costs, Power, Assets & Personnel

Optimize productivity and stay on schedule and on budget

Enerlab’s user-friendly dashboard enables real-time access, visualization and control to important lab and test information. Top-level views of information allows for strategic management of resources across business units. Get insight on lab usage, power and status of tests for every instance of Enerchron within a facility.

Enerlab Dashboard- NH Research (NHR)

Customize Enerlab for Your Enterprise

Easily customize Enerlab to meet your unique business needs. Securely manage access and permission levels for multiple user types across your enterprise. Users can configure their dashboards to see critical status and test information with easy drag and drop functionality.Worldwide training and support is available to ensure successful implementation.

Enerlab Dashboard - NH Research (NHR)