Simplify & Accelerate Test with Enerchron® Test Executive

Enerchron is a powerful but easy to use test executive created for battery testing to simplify and accelerate your test automation. It’s a comprehensive battery test environment that includes integration with H/W and S/W tools. Enerchron is your shortest path to market.

  • Dramatically reduce software development time
  • Streamline your battery test process and workflow
  • Increase productivity and eliminate errors and repeated tests
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Reduce stress and testing difficulties/li>
  • Stay on schedule and budget

Enerlab™ Lab Management Software

Advanced Enterprise Software to Monitor, Control & Manage NHR Enerchron Test Systems

NHR customers have multiple test setups using Enerchron software for lab and production. Enerlab management software is a top level S/W solution that monitors, controls and manages Enerchron test systems.

  • Simplify operator usage to a single screen
  • Ensure safety with live camera views of labs
  • Start, stop & abort tests remotely
  • Track utilization & status of test program
  • Create customized dashboards
  • Perform customer “witness tests” remotely & safely
  • Improve engineering productivity with remote access
  • Maximize equipment (CAPEX) utilization & scheduled workload
  • Track weekly & in-test trends (charting feature)

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