Universal UPS Test System – Model 5500

Universal UPS/Inverter Test System for Testing Power Supplies with AC Outputs Found in Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) & Inverters


  • Digital measurement system (DMS)
    • 2 waveform digitizers
    • 2×16, 100MHz multiplexer
    • Expandable input measurement channels
  • Maximum configuration flexibility
  • Turn-key test system with included test controller
    • emPower™ test executive
Universal UPS Test System 5500 Series

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The UPS/Inverter Test System or UPS Test System, model 5500, is a turn-key, high performance, universal test platform which is ideal for testing power supplies with AC outputs typically found in uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and inverters.

A wide range of AC and DC stimulus instrumentation combined with advanced measurement capabilities make the 5500 test system an ideal solution for the enterprise requiring the most flexibility in test capability.

Advanced Digital Measurement Capabilities

Universal UPS Test System 5500 Series - NH Research, Inc.The core component of this system is the Digital Measurement System (DMS), which features a 2×16, 100 MHz multiplexer combined with 2 waveform digitizers. In addition to the higher bandwidth, the DMS provides highly accurate channel-channel timing measurements and corresponding waveform displays. Should more than 16-input measurement channels be required, multiple 15-input expansion chassis can be added to the system.

Many Packaging Choices

While the single-bay shown in the above picture is the most popular configuration, two and three-bay systems including higher power and 3rd-party instrumentation are able to be customized to the customers’ requirements.



Model 5500 Universal UPS/Inverter Test System Specifications

Instrument Type AC Sources DC Sources High-Power Loads Modular DC Loads Modular DC Supplies
Power 2.7 to36kVA 5 to 36 kW 6-36kW* 300W 450W
Voltage to 400V to 500V to 450V 0.7-120/2.1-450V 20/40/80/450V
Current to 200A to 1400A 30 to 360A 60A 60/30/15/8A
Frequency to 500Hz to 440Hz
Size (HxWxD) – 1 Bay / 2 Bay 57 x 23 x 35″/1448 x 584 x 889mm / 57 x 46 x 35″/1448 x 1168 x 889mm
Weight – 1 Bay / 2 Bay 500lbs/227kg / 1000lbs/454kg
* The above specifications show typical test system configurations. Contact NH Research, Inc. for more information and assistance in customizing a 5500 UPS Test System

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Universal UPS Test System 5500 Series - NH Research, Inc.

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Application Testing

The Model 5500 Universal UPS/Inverter Test System is useful for testing the following applications & products:
Power Supplies, Inverters, Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)