Universal Test System – Model 5600

Universal Test System for Testing Power Supplies with DC Outputs


  • Maximum configuration flexibility with multi-bay capacity
  • Digital measurement system 2 Waveform digitizers and 2×16, 100 MHz multiplexer
  • Expandable input measurement channels
  • Common interface panel
  • emPower™ Test Executive


The Power Supply Universal Test System, model 5600, is a turn-key, high performance, universal power supply test platform which is ideal for testing power supplies with DC outputs including those with high-power levels or many outputs. A wide range of stimulus instrumentation combined with advanced measurement capabilities make the 5600 test system an ideal solution for the enterprise requiring the most flexibility in test capability.

Model 5600 Universal Test System Specifications

Instrument Type AC Sources DC Sources High-Power Loads Modular DC Loads Modular DC Supplies
Power 2.7 to36kVA 5 to 36 kW 6-36kW* 300W 450W
Voltage to 400V to 500V 120/600V 0.7-120/2.1-450V 20/40/80/450V
Current to 200A to 1400A 7200/1800A 60A 60/30/15/8A
Frequency 500Hz
Size (HxWxD) - 1 Bay / 2 Bay 57 x 23 x 35"/1448 x 584 x 889mm / 57 x 46 x 35"/1448 x 1168 x 889mm
Weight - 1 Bay / 2 Bay 500lbs/227kg / 1000lbs/454kg
* The above specifications show typical test system configurations. Contact NH Research, Inc. for more information and assistance in customizing a 5600 Power Supply Functional Test System
DC Power Supply Testing - NH Research (NHR)

emPower™ Test Executive Software

Simplified Test Creation, Execution & Reporting for Power Supply Functional Tests

    Ideal for matrix & high volume testing
  • Zero post-development using automatic report generator
  • Sequencer with built in features
  • Reduces software development time & risk
  • Easy data entry environment
  • Complete library of design verification test routines
  • Speeds up test & increases productivity

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