Modular Test Systems – S400 Series

Modular Test Systems for Power Supply Production Testing, High Speed Testing, & More!


  • Full-capability test system in a 6-slot chassis for interchangeable loads and DC sources
  • 3-sizes of compact, space-saving cabinets
  • Embedded measurement system with 12 input channels and 100kSamp/sec waveform capture
  • emPower™ Test Executive
  • PC-LAN control


The S400 Series Functional Test Systems are modular test systems that are PC-controlled, full-capability and highly flexible modular power supply test systems suitable for high-speed testing of power supplies typically used in high volume consumer applications.

The key to the S400 system’s flexibility, as well as space-saving design, is the modular DC load/source mainframe. This is the portion where flexibility is most often required. What makes this subsystem unique is that the 6-slot chassis will accept any combination of DC electronic loads and/or DC source modules.

Additional flexibility is gained through the ability to synchronously parallel like modules from within a test program to match each supply-under-test’s specific stimulus requirements. In this manner, it is possible to configure a wide range of virtual loads and sources within the chassis’ limits. All modules also have wide operating ranges and constant power operating envelopes to maximize range of requirements through a minimum group of modules.

S400 Series Power Supply Production Test System Specifications

  • The S430 is designed for low-power DC-DC testing and comes with a 6-slot modular DC load/source mainframe.
  • The S440 is designed for low-power AC-DC testing and embeds a 700W AC source in addition to the modular DC load/source mainframe within a single device.
  • The S450 (link) extends the S430 by adding a higher power AC/DC source or a higher power DC load ideal for testing of mid-range power supplies and parallel testing of adapters.
S400 Test System Instrument Options
Instrument Type & Model # Key Specifications * Test System Model #
Modular DC Sources
6102 20V/60A/450W S430/440/450
6104 40V/30A/450W S430/440/450
6108 80V/15A/450W S430/440/450
6145 450V/8A/450W S430/440/450
Modular DC Loads
4100 450V/60A/300W S430/440/450
4200 120V/60A/300W S430/440/450
AC Source
5400 350V/5A RMS/700VA S440
AC/DC Source
5427 300V/18A RMS/2.7kVA S450
424V/18A DC/2kW
* Maximum voltage/current corners of Constant Power operating envelopes
DC Power Supply Testing - NH Research (NHR)

emPower™ Test Executive Software

Simplified Test Creation, Execution & Reporting for Power Supply Functional Tests

    Ideal for matrix & high volume testing
  • Zero post-development using automatic report generator
  • Sequencer with built in features
  • Reduces software development time & risk
  • Easy data entry environment
  • Complete library of design verification test routines
  • Speeds up test & increases productivity

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