Power Supply Test Systems

Automated Test Systems

NH Research, Inc. (NHR) provides automated test equipment to cover the full spectrum of DC power supply testing. NHR’s DC power supply test solutions are ideal for the functional testing of DC power supplies, UPSs and similar power conversion components.

This group of automated test equipment (ATE) consists of: Multi Channel Power Supply Tester (S600), Universal UPS Test System (5500), Universal Test System (5600), and the Engineering Characterization Test System (5700).

Applications include high volume production testing, engineering design characterization, incoming inspection and depot repair. Systems are based on industry standard software and hardware architectures and are configurable from small benchtop to multi-bay units.

Fundamental to the success of all products is the total commitment to customer support. NHR is fully staffed with the technical expertise, diagnostic tools and replacement parts to resolve any problems

Key Benefits:

  • ATE-friendly
  • Advanced control features beyond simple settings of voltage, current, & power
  • Modular and Scalable Power
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Fast Transients
  • Advanced, Built-in Measurements
  • Simplified test-set up
  • emPowerTM Test Executive Software
Power Supply Test Systems - NH Research (NHR)
DC Power Supply Testing - NH Research (NHR)

Modular DC Power Supplies (AC-DC)

The Multi-Channel Tester – S600 Series is ideal for high speed, parallel testing of high volume power conversion devices. For production and engineering characterization testing of AC-DC power supplies with mid-range power levels, the Multi-Channel Tester – S600 Series provides a highly streamlined test system that guarantees the most cost-efficient testing for this highly competitive class of power supplies.

  • Configurable up to 16 devices in parallel at different outputs
  • Easy configuration through front-loading, card-based instruments
  • Built-in waveform digitizers on all instruments
  • Time-synchronized multi-output UUT testing
  • Space savings

Universal Tester for Power Supplies with DC Outputs (AC-DC, DC-DC)

The Power Supply Universal Test System – 5600, is a turn-key, high performance, universal power supply test platform which is ideal for testing power supplies with DC outputs including those with high-power levels or many outputs. A wide range of stimulus instrumentation combined with advanced measurement capabilities make the 5600 test system an ideal solution for the enterprise requiring the most flexibility in test capability.

  • Maximum configuration flexibility with multi-bay capacity
  • Digitizer replaces several single-function instruments
  • 2 waveform digitizers, 2 x 16, 100 Mhz multiplexer
  • Expandable input measurement channels
  • Common interface panel
Power Supply Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)
AC DC Power Supply Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)

DC Power Supply Systems for Engineering Characterization (AC-DC, DC-DC)

The Engineering Characterization Test System – 5710 is ideal for characterization, design verification, power supplies, and ATE Testing. It is designed to yield comprehensive test data on a wide range of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies with a minimum of programming effort. Such characterization testing is typically done in an engineering design-verification laboratory where the user’s own designs or vendor prototypes are evaluated. This type of extensive testing is also often required for high-reliability power supplies used in medical, telecommunication, space and avionic applications.

  • Tektronix MDO-Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  • Unlimited voltage, current & timing measurements
  • Library of design verification test routines reduces program development time
  • Wide configuration flexibility

emPower Test Executive Software

NHR’s empowerTM Software offers simplified test creation, execution & reporting for power supply functional tests.

  • Ideal for matrix & high volume testing
  • Zero post development using automatic report generator
  • Sequencer with built in features
  • Reduces software development time & risk
  • Easy data entry environment
  • Complete library of design verification test routines
  • Speeds up test & increases productivity
Chart: Short Circuit Test - NH Research (NHR)


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