High-Voltage Battery Test System – 9300 Series

Modular, Regenerative Battery Pack Test System with Power Range from 100kW up to 2.4MW


  • Wide Operating Envelope at 100kW per cabinet
  • Bidirectional DC Source, scalable to 2.4MW/8000A
  • Regenerative, greater than 90% efficiency of discharge power returned to AC mains
  • Built-in digital measurements with charting & scope displays
  • Current, Voltage & Mode transitions in <2 mSec
  • Battery Emulation Mode
  • Touch Panel, LabVIEW® & IVI Drivers
  • Enerchron® Test Executive
High-Voltage Battery Test System - 9300 Series

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NHR’s 9300 high voltage battery test system and battery emulator includes power ranges from 100kW up to 2.4MW. This innovative battery test system addresses the higher voltage and higher power battery test requirements for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, solar PV inverters, aerospace and other critical power industries. NHR’s 9300 battery pack test system is highly configurable and has 100kW building blocks with dual voltage ranges of 600V or 1,200V and current up to 333A. It can parallel up to 24 building blocks to get 2.4MW of power and up to 8,000A of current. Key differentiating features from other battery pack test equipment on the market include high accuracy, speed and modularity as well as new battery emulation and regenerative technologies, designed for high-voltage battery pack testing, battery life-cycle testing, charge/discharge cycling, battery charger testing, and more.

The High-Voltage Battery Test System (9300 Series) is a fast-acting, fully programmable, and bi-directional DC source (charge) that provides reversible current flow in order to act as a regenerative DC load (discharge). Both modes support any combination of constant power, constant voltage, and constant-current regulation limits. Battery test applications include battery modules/packs, fuel cells, ultra-capacitors, and other energy storage devices used in the automotive/electric vehicles, renewable energy, aviation, heavy industrial, marine, grid storage, university research, and standards certification laboratory markets.

NHR’s battery test equipment has become popular for its versatility and multi-purpose functions. For example, in the Electric Vehicle industry, the 9200/9300 series battery pack testers can be used for testing of EV Powertrain, drive cycle simulation, EV battery module and battery pack, battery life-cycle, EVSE, on-board chargers, EV inverters, DC chargers and more!


high voltage battery test system 9300 series

  • Designed for testing & emulating all battery chemistries
    – Automatic energy integration (full & 1/2 cycle)
    – Multiple safety layers to protect UUT
  • Battery emulation In Hardware (OCV & series resistance) Software tools to shorten test development time
    – PC-based Softpanel GUI with charting
    – Supplied LabVIEW & IVI-C/IVI-COM drivers
    – Optional: Enerchron® test sequencer


  • Regenerative, returns greater than 90% of power to the facility, which provides significant electrical savings.
  • Dual Range: 1200V/167A & 600V/333A @ 100kW
  • Modular design allows field expansion up to 2.4MW / 8000A
  • Safely simulate and emulate “Real World” conditions
    – Fast voltage, current, & mode transition times
    – Safely emulate over/under charged batteries
    – Safely emulate BMS & battery failures

9300 Series High-Voltage Battery Test System Specifications

Model # 9300-100 9300-200 9300-300 9300-400 9300-500 9300-600
Rating 100kW 200kW 300kW 400kW 500kW 600kW
Max Current @ 600V 333A 666A 999A 1332A 1665A 1998A
Current @ 1200V ±167A ±334A ±501A ±668A ±835A ±1002A
  9300-700 9300-800 9300-900 9300-1000 9300-1100 9300-1200
Rating 700kW 800kW 900kW 1000kW 1100kW 1200kW
Max Current @ 600V 2331A 2664A 2997A 3330A 3663A 3996A
Current @ 1200V ±1169A ±1336A ±1503A ±1670A ±1837A ±2001A
Programming Capability
Operating States Charge (Source), Discharge (Load), Standby, Battery Emulation
Charge/Discharge Modes Constant-Voltage (CV), Current (CC), Power (CP), Series Resistance (CR)
Charging Envelope 0 – 600V/±333A, 0 -1200V/±167A
Discharging Envelope 30 – 600V/±333A, 60 – 1200V/±167A
Voltage Accuracy 0.025% Set + 0.025% Range
Current Accuracy 0.1% Set + 0.1% Range
Slew Rate Same polarity 10 – 90% < 2mS Low Range, < 3mS High Range
Current Change Time < 5mS
Current Reverse Time < 10mS
Parallelability Synchronous control for up to 12 channels ( 2.4MW)
Macro Test Profiles
Development Source Touch-Panel, Import from Excel or User’s System Controller
Max. Steps 1000
Min.Time Delay 50µS
Max. Step Delay 1mS – 7 days
Size (HxWxD) 78 x 28 x 39″/1981 x 711 x 991mm
Weight 1200lbs/544kg
* The above specifications show typical configurations & subject to change. Contact NH Research, Inc. for further information.

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high voltage battery test system 9300 series

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Application Testing

The 9300 High Voltage Battery Test System is useful for testing the following products & applications:
Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) Testing, Battery Cycler, Battery Packs, Chargers, Electric Vehicles (EV), Electric Vehicles Supply Equipment (EVSE), Flow Batteries, Fuel Cells, In-Device Testing, Microgrid Testing, Pack Controllers 9v & 12v Batteries, Primary Battery Systems (Alkaline, Lithium), Redox Batteries, Secondary Battery Systems (Rechargeable, Lithium-Ion), Service Disconnects, Super Capacitors, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Testing, Wire Harnesses