Battery Test Systems for R&D and Manufacturing

NH Research (NHR) is a leading manufacturer of battery test equipment and system solutions for all battery chemistries, fuel-cells, super capacitors, and energy storage systems. NHR’s battery test equipment includes the 9300 High Voltage Battery Test System and 9200 Battery Test System which provides the flexibility to address today’s higher voltage levels, and modularity to expand for future requirements.

NHR’s battery test systems are used as battery cyclers, regenerative, bidirectional DC sources, regenerative DC loads, high power DC sources, or Battery / DC emulators.

Customers look to NHR for superior performance, ease of use, faster slew rates to match today’s technology, reduced test time, improved safety, and energy savings.

Battery Test Equipment for Module and Packs

NHR’s modular Battery Test Systems address the increasing power levels of battery modules and packs used in the electric vehicles and renewable energy storage industries. Battery test applications include testing battery modules and packs, fuel cells, energy storage systems, chargers, electric vehicles, micro-grid testing, vehicle to grid (V2G), solar pv testing, and more!

Key Features:

  • Modular & Scalable Power
  • Wide Operating Envelope
  • Fast Response Times
  • High Performance Hardware
  • Advanced Built-in Measurements
  • Multiple Control Options: Enerchron® Test Executive, integrator, write software
  • Easy 3rd Party Integration (CAN, BMS, DAQ options)
  • Multiple Layers of Safety
Battery Module/Pack Test Systems - NH Research (NHR)

The Industry’s Most Flexible, Modular, Off-the-Shelf Battery Test Systems

The 9300 Battery Test System provides a dual power range that covers both lower and higher voltage (up to 1200 V) applications using a single product. This battery cycler can be scaled up to 2.4 MW in 100 kW building blocks, offering a wide operating envelope with fast transient times.

NHR’s Regenerative 9200 Battery Test System includes expandable power ranges from 12kW modules up to 252 kW with 40 or 120V bi-directional DC loads. This battery module/pack tester provides optimal configuration that enables companies the flexibility to expand their battery test system as needed. This battery cycler has a multi-channel capability (up to 21 channels) that enables you to mix and match voltage and current levels at lower power ranges. You can easily test multiple batteries with different test programs and start/stop times. Unlike bi-directional power supplies, our battery cyclers are designed to test batteries.

The Power of Choice: Multiple Control Options

The ability for a battery test system to interface with and control an entire test environment is critical. Engineers need to have multiple ways to control the battery test instrument. Depending on the specific need, an engineer may 1) choose to have direct access to the drivers for in-house programming, 2) choose to use an integrator, or 3) choose NHR’s Enerchron Test Executive software solution.

All NHR battery test systems can be easily integrated into existing test platforms or as the power stage for new test platforms. To achieve this, NHR provides fully documented drivers using either IVI or SCPO languages along with examples, applications, and integration support. NHR also has a number of solution partners who are familiar with our hardware and can deliver a full turn key test system. These integrators develop fully custom systems using your specified hardware sensors and components.

NH Research Diagram of Battery Test Systems with Flexible Control and Integration Capabilities - NH Research (NHR)
Flexible control & integration

Comprehensive Battery Test Solutions

We’re your partner in test. We provide comprehensive battery test solutions for the entire product life cycle. We have solutions and in-house application experts that can help you at any design or manufacturing stage whether you’re at the R&D engineering or high volume manufacturing stages.

NH Research Diagram of Battery Test Solutions Offered - NH Research (NHR)
Diagram of Scalable Power Provided by NH Research Battery Test Systems - NH Research (NHR)

Flexible, Modular & Scalable Power

All NHR battery test systems are designed for fully independent operation and can be paralleled, increasing the maximum power and current capability to the level required. This modular expansion ensures that you can start testing today’s application levels, knowing that additional power is available in the future. Expansion of the system is as simple as adding an additional cabinet(s) to reach the desired power levels.

Fast Response Times

Voltage and current transitions, or slew rates, of the test system must be faster than the battery under test to emulate real-world settings. Our systems have fast response times and command speeds to accurately emulate real-world conditions through the hardware and software.

Slow Response Time Diagram of Bi-directional DC Power Supply for Battery Test
 - NH Research (NHR)
Slow rise-time of typical DC supply
Fast Response Time Diagram of NHR Battery Test System
 - NH Research (NHR)
Sub-millisecond rise time of NHR

Built-in, Multiple Layers of Safety

When it comes to testing new battery technologies, safety is vital. NHR solutions provide mulitple layers of hardware and software protection. The combination of safety contactors, reverse polarity checker, and pre-charge circuitry are built-in automatically to the hardware and easy to control in a single solution. There are no hidden fees or added costs, and safety is designed into the product versus being an afterthought. All of these safety mechanisms are controlled and fully integrated into the automation system, providing full safety control throughout the test environment.

Programmable Safety Limits on NHR Battery Test Systems - NH Research (NHR)
Programmable Safety Limits
Software Automation Provides Comprehensive Solution for Battery Test System - NH Research (NHR)

Accelerate Test with Enerchron® Test Executive

The next level of NHR’s solution consists of our Enerchron Test Management Software. This is a local software solution that will run on each individual test station, providing the sequence control and integration of hardware I/O, CAN, chambers/ chillers, and safety elements of the test station. Enerchron is a powerful but easy to use Test Executive created specifically for Battery Testing to simplify and accelerate your test automation. It’s a comprehensive battery test environment that includes integration with H/W and S/W tools. Enerchron is your shortest path to market and reduces schedule risk.

  • Streamline your battery test process & workflow
  • Dramatically reduce software development time for new tests
  • Increase productivity & eliminate errors and repeated tests
  • Save time, money, & software development resources
  • Reduce stress & testing difficulties
  • Stay on schedule and budget

Battery Test Involves More Than Battery Cycling

Diagram of Battery Test System Hardware and Software for R&D Labs - NH Research (NHR)

Enerlab™ Enterprise Lab Management Software

Advanced Enterprise Software to Monitor, Control & Manage NHR Enerchron Test Systems

NHR’s Enerlab Enterprise Lab Management Software enables control of all test stations within a facility into one streamlined browser-based interface. Enerlab is a top-level enterprise software solution that monitors, controls and manages battery test systems using Enerchron. Key capabilities include live camera views and full control of test programs, as well as customizable dashboards and reporting tools.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many employees are working from home. Enerlab provides a way to remotely manage all battery test stations within a facility, on a single dashboard from one browser. Enterprises need a way to streamline battery testing across R&D labs and production lines. Today, it has become even more important to have secure, remote access. Enerlab provides a convenient and effective way to monitor, control and manage all test stations in real-time.

Key Features

  • Simplify operator usage to a single screen
  • Ensure safety with live camera views of labs (optional with additional camera equipment)
  • Start, stop & abort tests remotely
  • Track utilization & status of test program
  • Manage schedule queue of test programs
  • Create customized dashboards
  • Maximize equipment (CAPEX) utilization & scheduled workload
NH Research Enerlab Battery Test Lab Management Software GUI - NH Research (NHR)
NH Research Enerlab Battery Test Lab Management Software GUI - NH Research (NHR)

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