Battery Charge/Discharge Test System – 9210 Series

Battery Charge/Discharge Test Equipment for Automated Characterization, Power Cycling, Life-Cycle Testing & More!


  • R&D and Production Lab Testing
  • Bidirectional DC Source and Load
  • Smaller footprint – mobile friendly (half the size of the 9200)
  • Scalable power from 12 to 252kW with 40, 120, or 600V
  • Regenerative Power > 87% energy efficiency
  • Current, Voltage & Mode Transitions <1 mSec
  • Built-in digital measurements with charting & scope displays
  • Battery Emulation Mode
  • Multiple layers of safety, built-in
  • Touch Panel, LabVIEW® & IVI Drivers
NH Research Battery Charge/Discharge Test System for R&D and Production Lab Testing - NH Research (NHR)


NHR’s Battery Charge/Discharge Test Equipment simulates real-world conditions with fast voltage, current and mode transition times. The Regenerative Single Channel Battery Test System (9210 Series) further extends the 9200 Series, a family of high-power battery charge/discharge test systems, which are especially suitable for xEV electric vehicle and grid storage battery cycling as well as drive-cycle simulations and grid-energy simulations. NHR’s battery test equipment covers a wide-range of applications such as EV, solar PV, aerospace, energy storage, and critical power industries.

Like the 9200 battery pack test system, the single module (9210) uses any of the 40V, 120V, or 600V modular, independent 12kW DC power modules which enable testing of a number of smaller batteries, each with a different test plan, power level and start/stop times. The smaller footprint makes it easier to move within a laboratory and/or manufacturing, allowing the battery test system to be brought to the engineer’s workspace. The modular functionality of the 9210 Battery Charge/Discharge Test System enables additional flexibility along with the key features of the 9200 Series which includes bi-directional DC source/loads, regenerative power cycling, battery emulation, modularity, safety and precision.

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Advantages and Benefits


  • Battery emulation using OCV & series resistance
  • Designed for testing &mp: emulating all battery chemistries
    - Automatic energy integration (full & 1/2 cycle)
    - Multiple safety layers to protect UUT
  • Software tools to shorten test development time
    - PC-based Softpanel GUI with charting
    - Supplied LabVIEW & IVI-C/IVI-COM drivers
    - Optional: Enerchron® test sequencer


  • Regenerative, returns greater than 87% of power to the facility, which provides significant electrical savings.
  • Modular - full function tester per channel design
  • Parallels for high power testing (up to 252kW)
  • Safely simulate and emulate “Real World” conditions
    - Sub-mS voltage, current, & mode transition times
    - Emulate over/under charged batteries
    - Safely emulate BMS & battery failures
  • Small footprint for easy movement

Testing Applications

EV Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)

Battery Test:

  • EV/ESS Battery Module/Pack Test
  • Start - Stop Test
  • Battery Characterization
  • Cycling, Life-cycle
  • Charge, Discharge
  • Fuel Cell Test – Cell, Module, Stack

Battery Emulation:

  • EV Powertrain, Avionics Propulsion Systems
  • DC Charger
  • Power Conversion: DC/DC Converters, Inverters
  • On-board Charger, UPS, Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  • Microgrid, ESS, PV Emulation

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