High-Voltage Battery Emulator – 9300 Series

Modular, Regenerative Battery Pack Emulator with Power Range from 100kW up to 2.4MW


  • Wide Operating Envelope at 100kW per cabinet
  • Bidirectional DC Source, scalable to 2.4MW/8000A
  • Regenerative, greater than 90% efficiency of discharge power returned to AC mains
  • Built-in digital measurements with charting & scope displays
  • Current, Voltage & Mode transitions in <2 mSec
  • Battery Emulation Mode
  • Touch Panel, LabVIEW® & IVI Drivers
  • Enerchron® Test Executive
High Voltage Battery Emulator - NH Research (NHR)


NHR’s 9300 high voltage battery emulator, or simulator, includes power ranges from 100kW up to 2.4MW. This innovative battery emulator addresses the higher voltage and higher power battery test requirements for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, solar PV inverters, aerospace and other critical power industries.

NHR’s 9300 battery pack battery emulator is highly configurable and provides dual voltage ranges of 600V or 1,200V. It can be paralleled up to 24 building blocks to get 2.4MW of power and up to 8,000A of current. Key differentiating features from other battery emulators, or simulators on the market include high accuracy, modular and scalable power, safety and ease of use.

The High-Voltage Battery Emulator (9300 Series) is a fast-acting, fully programmable, and bi-directional DC source (charge) that provides reversible current flow in order to act as a regenerative DC load (discharge). Both modes support any combination of constant power, constant voltage, and constant-current regulation limits.

Advantages and Benefits


  • Designed for testing & emulating all battery chemistries - Automatic energy integration (full & 1/2 cycle) – Multiple safety layers to protect UUT
  • Battery emulation In Hardware (OCV & series resistance) Software tools to shorten test development time - PC-based Softpanel GUI with charting - Supplied LabVIEW & IVI-C/IVI-COM drivers - Optional: Enerchron® test sequencer


  • Regenerative, returns greater than 90% of power to the facility, which provides significant electrical savings.
  • Dual Range: 1200V/167A & 600V/333A @ 100kW
  • Modular design allows field expansion up to 2.4MW / 8000A
  • Safely simulate and emulate “Real World” conditions - Fast voltage, current, & mode transition times - Safely emulate over/under charged batteries - Safely emulate BMS & battery failures

Accurate Battery Emulation

Unlike other battery emulators on the market, NHR’s battery emulators have a built-in programmable series resistance with low-capacitance. Battery emulators with low output capacitance provide accurate simulation of series resistance effects, allowing the output voltage to adjust proportionally to changes in current. By comparison, many regenerative power supplies have high output capacitance to reduce noise output. This high output capacitance disrupts the series resistance models and actually negates the functionality of a programmable series resistance. As a result, high output capacitance can lead to inaccurate battery simulation.

For more information about battery emulation, see our Battery Emulators page.

Modular & Scalable Power

All NHR battery emulators are designed for fully independent operation and can be paralleled, increasing the maximum power and current capability to the level required. This modular expansion ensures that you can start testing today’s application levels, knowing that additional power is available in the future. Expansion of the 9300 system is as simple as adding an additional cabinet(s) to reach the desired power levels up to 2.4 MW.

Diagram of Scalable Power Provided by NH Research Battery Test Systems - NH Research (NHR)
Wide operating envelope means full power available from 300 V - 1,200 V

Wide Operating Envelope

NHR’s 9300 Battery Emulators provide the flexibility to address today’s higher voltage levels, and modularity to expand for future requirements. Customers are able to simulate a wide range of battery power levels without having to change test equipment. New electric transportation architectures are now operating between 800/1000 VDC to enable faster DC charging. The 9300 has a dual power range that covers both lower (up to 600 V) and higher power (up to 1200 V) applications using a single product. Unlike custom built solutions, the 9300 provides maximum flexibility in voltage and power, providing full power from 300 V – 1,200 V.

Fast Response Times

NHR’s 9300 Battery Emulators provide the speed and performance to accurately emulate today’s technologies and tomorrow’s innovations. NHR’s 9300 provides fast hardware performance and software command response to respond to real world conditions.

Slow Response Time Diagram of Bi-directional DC Power Supply for Battery Test
 - NH Research (NHR)
Slow rise-time of typical DC supply
Fast Response Time Diagram of NHR Battery Test System
 - NH Research (NHR)
Sub-millisecond rise time of NHR

Testing Applications

EV Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)

Battery Emulation:

  • EV Powertrain, Avionics Propulsion Systems
  • DC Fast Charger
  • Power Conversion: DC/DC Converters, Inverters
  • On-board Charger, UPS, Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  • Microgrid, ESS, PV Emulation

Battery Test:

  • EV/ESS Battery Module/Pack Test
  • Battery Characterization
  • Cycling, Life-cycle
  • Charge, Discharge
  • Fuel Cell Test-Module, Stack

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