Regenerative 4-Quadrant AC Load – Model 9430

Regenerative AC Load that Simulates any Inductive, Capacitive, or Resistive Load.


  • 6 Sizes – 12 to 96kW
  • Single, Split or Three-Phase programmable
  • 10 to 350VAC
  • 30 to 880Hz
  • DC operation to 10 to 400VDC
  • Reactive power capability 2.6 x Real Power
  • Sink power regenerated back to facility with >90% efficiency
  • Power factor range: -1 to +1
  • Crest factor range: 1.414 to 4.000
  • High-resolution waveform digitizer
  • 9” Touch-Panel user interface
  • High power density/minimum rack space
Regenerative AC Load Model 9430 - NH Research (NHR)


The 9430 is a 4-quadrant, regenerative AC load that is current-regulated with selectable phase inputs/outputs and a built-in waveform digitizing measurement system. In the sink mode, it sends power back to the facility mains rather than dissipated as heat. The 9430 can simulate almost any linear or non-linear load. Applications include testing of Vehicle to Grid (V2G), solar and grid-tied inverters, UPSs, AC sources, rectifiers, circuit breakers and fuses.

Advantages and Benefits


  • Worlds 1st full-featured 4-quadrant AC Electronic Load
  • 100% Si-C based design with hi reactive current capabilities (HiVAR®)
  • 350VAC l-n up to 880Hz & 400VDC
  • Multiple Loading Modes including:
    – Constant Current (CC) / Power (CP) / VA (CS)
    – Constant Resistance (CR)
    – Constant Series RL (CRL)
    – User definable current waveforms
  • Simplifies automated test stand development
  • Built in measurement system:
    – Triggerable set &ammp; measurement
    – Software selectable 1, 2, or 3 Phase operation
    – Isolated digital inputs & outputs
    – Built-in SW watchdog & safety limits
  • Software tools to shorten test development time:
    – PC-based tools & NI certified drivers
    – NI certified LabVIEW & IVI-C/IVI-COM drivers


  • Regenerative, returns greater than 90% of power to the facility, which provides significant electrical savings.
  • Field upgradeable to higher power
  • Fully emulate any power usage profile
  • Simulate non-ideal & transient phase currents
Inductive Load Bi-directional Waveform - NH Research (NHR)
Inductive Load Bi-directional Waveform

AC Load 4-Quadrant Operation

The most unique feature of the 9430 AC Load is the ability to operate in all 4-quadrants. This bi-directional capability significantly expands AC load simulation relative to 2-quadrant AC loads. More specifically, the 9430 AC load allows creating the reverse current caused by inductive or capacitive loads (low power factors); namely sending power back to the UUT (source) during part of the AC cycle. In this manner, the 9430 accurately duplicates real-world reactive electrical power flows.

HIVAR Design Provides Reactive Loading Without Derating True Power

This advanced design feature allows for testing high reactive load input power without the customary reduction of true power (Watts) normally required with conventional loads.

The Power Triangle - NH Research (NHR)
The Power Triangle
Electric Motor Testing - NH Research (NHR)

Several Emulation Modes

To provide testing under the broadest range of loading conditions, the 9430 AC Load will operate in several emulation modes including Constant Current (CC), Constant Resistance (CR), Constant Power (CP) and Constant Apparent Power (CS).

User-defined Waveforms

In addition to programmable power and crest factors, the 9430 AC Load is capable of creating non-linear waveforms using a unique graphics editor. This editor allows starting with a straight line or modifying a generated waveform based on current, power and crest factor.

The Power Triangle - NH Research (NHR)
User Defined Asymmetrical Current

Testing Applications

EV Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)


  • Full Line Disturbances at Any Power Factor
  • Grid Utility Test, Inverter Test, UPS Test
  • EV Load Testing
  • Switch, Fuse Test
  • Linear & Non-linear Loading, Inductive & Capacitive Loading Requirements.

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