DC Electronic Load – 4760 Series

High-Voltage DC Electronic Load for DC-DC Converter, Power Conversion, Fuel Cells, Batteries, V2G Testing, & More!


  • 600V, 1kW / 50A to 36kW / 1800A DC Loads
  • 3 Voltage and 2 current ranges
  • High accuracy 1 kW low power range
    – 100kSamp/s waveform capture
    – Overshoot / Undershoot
    – Rise-Time / Fall-Time / Settling-Time
  • Test fixture support
    – 4 digital outputs
    – 2 digital inputs
  • Complex load profile playback
  • Multiple hardware control options
    – Manual touch-panel user interface
    – emPower™ test executive
    – PC/LAN control using LabVIEW & IVI Drivers


NHR’s programmable DC electronic loads are ideal for medium-to-high-power testing in all markets.

The DC electronic loads (4700/4760) can be used as part of an automatic test station or as a stand-alone, bench-top set-up. The high-voltage DC Electronic Load (4760) is designed for testing applications that require high-voltage (up to 600V) and an exceptionally wide range of measurements, including product dynamic performance. Typical applications include the testing of power conversion/storage products such as DC converters, DC power supplies, fuel cells and batteries, and telecom rectifiers.

The DC Electronic Load (4700) is a relatively low-voltage load (120V) with high-current capability.

Advantages and Benefits


  • Field-proven reliability
  • Simplifies automated test stand development
    - Triggerable set & measurement
    - True short circuit mode & over voltage relay
    - Digital inputs & outputs
    - Built-in SW watchdog & safety limits
  • Software tools to shorten test development time
    - PC-based Softpanel GUI with scope display
    - Supplied LabVIEW & IVI-C/IVI-COM drivers
    - Optional: DC Load, emPower®, or Enerchron® test sequencer


  • Field upgradeable (6kW steps)
  • Built in features require fewer test devices
  • Safety limits protect UUT

Flexible and Easy Control

The DC electronic loads (4760) can be operated manually through the large touch-panel- enabled GUI or automatically through a remote controller and any number of standard test programming languages.

DC Load GUI 4700 - NH Research (NHR)
Fast Trasient Load Profile - NH Research (NHR)

Create Complex, Fast-Transient Load Profiles

NHR’s DC Electronic Loads (4760) are capable of creating a wide variety of complex dynamic load profiles. Types of profiles include micro-second pulses, multiple pulses of varying width, stepped responses, variable slew rates and even simulating an AC component on the DC waveform.

Modular and Scalable Power

The DC Electronic Loads (4760) are modular and scalable, meaning additional auxiliary modules can be added to create a larger load.

Constant Power Operating Envelope - NH Research (NHR)
Solar Panels - NH Research (NHR)

Testing Applications


  • ATE Testing: Radar Power Emulation, Aviation, Power Supply, Solar Panel
  • Power Devices: Chargers, Adapters, DC Supplies, LED Drivers, Telecom Rectifiers
  • Fuel Cell Test, Super Capacitor Test
  • Power Conversion
  • EV Subsystem Test: OBC, V2G, APM, DC/DC Converter
  • Ideal for Fast Transients, Ultra-low Voltage Loading (down to .01 VDC)

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