This product has been discontinued. Please refer to the 9200 Regenerative DC Load as a potential solution or contact us for more information.

DC Electronic Load – 4700 Series

High-Current DC Electronic Load for DC-DC Converter, Power Conversion, Fuel Cells, Batteries, V2G Testing, & More!


  • 8 sizes – 1 to 36kW @ 120 or 600V
  • High-resolution waveform capture for analysis of dynamic transients
  • 18 built-in, precision voltage, current, power and timing measurements that eliminate additional dedicated measurement instruments
  • Isolated digital inputs and outputs for test fixture support
  • PC/LAN control using LabVIEW & IVI drivers
  • Optional touch-panel user interface


NHR’s programmable DC electronic loads are ideal for medium-to-high-power testing in all markets.

The DC electronic loads (4700/4760) can be used as part of an automatic test station or as a stand-alone, bench-top set-up. The DC Electronic Load (4700) is a relatively low-voltage (120V) with high-current capability. The high-voltage DC Electronic Load (4760) is a high-voltage electronic load (600V) for high power applications.

The High-Current DC Electronic Load (4700 Series) is used in a wide variety of applications that involve automated testing of power conversion device outputs to simulate real-world loading conditions. This DC Electronic Load is ideal for testing applications that require a full current at low voltages, fast-transient simulation capability and comprehensive measurements. Typical applications include the testing of power conversion/storage products such as DC converters, DC power supplies, fuel cells and batteries, and telecom rectifiers.

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