AC Electronic Load – 4600 Series

AC Load for UUT Reliability Testing, UPS Testing, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Testing, & More!


  • 6 sizes – 3 to 36kW, 30 – 360A, 50 – 350V
  • Single and 3-phase configurations
  • 12 high-accuracy internal measurements
  • 100-step macro for per cycle loading changes
  • User-defined waveforms
  • CC, CR, CV, CP, SC, UPF and CNL emulation modes
  • PC control using Lab VIEW and IVI drivers
  • LAN, RS232, USB communication interface
  • PC softpanel GUI with current, voltage & power waveform display

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programmable ac load 4600 series

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This AC Load (4600 Series) is designed for test applications that require linear and non-linear AC loading in several emulation modes with Power and Crest Factor control. This programmable versatility allows testing with a wide variety of potential field operating conditions to assure unit-under-test (UUT) reliability. Products tested include uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), AC sources, inverters, switches, circuit breakers, fuses and connectors.


programmable ac electronic load 4600 series

  • Field-proven reliability
  • Simplifies automated test stand development
    – Triggerable set & measurement
    – True short circuit mode
    – Built-in SW watchdog
  • Software tools to shorten test development time
    – PC-based Softpanel GUI with scope display
    – Supplied LabVIEW & IVI-C/IVI-COM drivers
    – Optional: AC Load or emPower® test sequencers


  • Field upgradeable (3kW/ф steps)
  • Built in features reduce cost & simplifies setup
    – Requires fewer additional test devices
    – Fewer devices simplifies test stand wiring
  • Sizable for 1ф & 3ф configurations

4600 Series Electronic Load Specifications

Model #4600-34600-64600-124600-184600-244600-36
Current0 – 30A0 – 60A0 – 120A0 – 18A0 – 240A0 – 360A
Voltage50 – 350V50 – 350V50 – 350V50 – 350V50 – 350V50 – 350V
EnclosureChassisChassis (2)CabinetCabinetCabinet, 2-BayCabinet, 2-Bay
Size (HxWxD)8 3/4″x 19″x 23″
(222 x 483 x 584mm)
17 1/2″x 19″x 25″
(445 x 483 x 635mm)
57″x 23″x 30″
(1448 x 584 x 762mm)
72″x 23″x 30″
(1829 x 584 x 762mm)
57″x 46″x 30″
(1448 x 1168 x 762mm)
72″x 46″x 30″
(1829 x 1168 x 762mm)
Weight77lbs (35kg)154lbs (70kg)440lbs (200kg)650lbs (295kg)860lbs (390kg)1250lbs (567kg)

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programmable ac electronic load 4600 series

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Application Testing

The 4600 Series Programmable AC Loads are useful for testing the following applications & products:
AC Sources, Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) Testing, Circuit Breakers, Connectors, Fuses, Inverters, Switches, Unit-Under-Test (UUT) Reliability, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Testing