AC Electronic Loads

Programmable AC Electronic Loads

NH Research, Inc.’s (NHR) AC Electronic Loads include the AC Load (4600) and Regenerative 4 Quadrant AC Load (9430) which are modular and scalable in power. Both types of AC loads are ideal for linear, non-linear, inductive and capacitive loading test requirements with advanced features.

Each type of AC load has specific features suited for your test requirements and application needs. When selecting between NHR’s AC loads, it is important to consider if your testing would benefit from 4 quadrant capability and regenerative, bi-directional power.

Applications include testing of Vehicle to Grid (V2G), EVSE, military and aerospace, solar and grid-tied inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), AC sources, rectifiers, circuit breakers and fuses.

Key Features:

  • Modular and scalable power
  • Fast response times
  • Advanced loading modes (CC, CP, CR, CV & more)
  • Advanced Measurements (voltage, current, power)
  • Measurement accuracy with separate voltage/current ranges
  • Multiple layers of safety, built-in
  • User-defined waveforms
  • Sub-cycle transient generation
  • Controllable from remote PC

NHR’s electronic loads deliver the power, precision and flexibility needed to meet or exceed your test solution needs.

Regenerative AC Loads - NH Research, Inc. (NHR)

AC Load

This AC Load (4600 Series) is 2 quadrant AC load designed for test applications that require linear and non-linear AC loading in several emulation modes with Power and Crest Factor control. This programmable versatility allows testing with a wide variety of potential field operating conditions to assure unit-under-test (UUT) reliability.

  • 6 power ratings
  • Scalable power from 3kW up to 36kW
  • 0-350Vrms, 1-Phase output*
  • CC, CR, CV, CP, SC, UPF & CNL emulation modes
  • 100-step macro per cycle loading changes
Chart: Leading Power Factor Wave - NH Research (NHR)
Leading Power Factor Wave
Chart: Lagging Power Factor Wave - NH Research (NHR)
Lagging Power Factor Wave
Chart: Utility Power Factor Wave - NH Research (NHR)
Utility Power Factor Wave
Chart: High Crest Factor Wave - NH Research (NHR)
High Crest Factor Wave

Regenerative AC Load with 4 Quadrant Capability

NHR’s AC Load 4-Quadrant Operation offers regenerative, bi-directional capability, ideal for simulating almost any complex linear or non-linear load as well as full line disturbances at any power factor. This bi-directional capability significantly expands load simulation relative to 2-quadrant AC loads.

The Regenerative AC Load (9430) allows creating the reverse current caused by inductive or capacitive loads (low power factors). Power is sent back to the UUT (source) during part of the AC cycle, and accurately duplicates real-world reactive electrical power flows.

  • High energy efficiency > 90%
  • 8 power ratings
  • Scalable power from 12kW up to 96kW
  • 0-350Vrms, 0-606VL-L multi-phase output
  • CC, CR, CP & CV loading modes
EVSE Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)
Chart: Inductive Load Bi-directional Waveform - NH Research (NHR)
Induction Load Bi-directional Waveform
Chart: Starup Current Inrush Macro - NH Research (NHR)
Startup Inrush Current Macro


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