Electronic Loads

Programmable AC & DC Electronic Loads

NH Research, Inc.’s (NHR) line of AC & DC Electronic Loads includes the AC Load (4600), Modular DC Load (4312, 4350), High-Current DC Load (4700), High-Voltage DC Load (4760), and the Bi-Directional DC Load (9200) series. NHR’s AC & DC Electronic Loads are designed for ultimate configuration and flexibility. Each has their own specific set of features suited for specific applications.

NHR’s AC & DC electronic loads are modular and air-cooled which simplifies installation, allows testing to start immediately, and allows field expansion of loading capability should the need arise. They are designed for testing applications such as circuit breakers, connectors, fuses, inverters, switches, higher-power DC supplies, telecom rectifiers, fuel cells, batteries, and much more!

Key Features:

  • Ultimate configuration flexibility
  • Advanced loading modes in addition to CC, CP, CR, & CV
  • Safety limits protect UUT
  • Built-in measurement system (voltage, current, power, & timing)
  • Precision measurements with separate voltage/current ranges
  • ATE features simplify test stand development

NHR’s AC & DC electronic loads deliver the power, precision and flexibility needed to meet or exceed your test solution needs.

View the product chart (below) or the AC Electronic Loads/Sources and DC Electronic Loads/Sources product selector guides (download) to choose the load that fits your testing needs:

AC & DC Electronic Loads - NH Research, Inc.

AC & DC Electronic Loads (from top to bottom): 4350 Series, 4700 Series, & 4600 Model

  4600 AC Load (front) 4350 DC Load (front) 4700 DC Load (front) 9410 Regenerative Grid Simulator (front)
  AC Load Modular
DC Loads
High Power
DC Loads
Series 4600 4312 | 4350 4700 | 4760  
Voltage 50 – 350V 0.6 – 120V | 2.3 – 500V 1.0 – 120V | 7.0 – 600V More Info
Current 30 – 360A 40, 80, 150A | 30, 60, 120A 200 – 7200A | 50 – 1800A
Power 3 to 36kW 150, 300, 600W 1kW – 36kW
Dynamic 45 – 440Hz 20kHz 20kHz
Interface Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet
Channels per Mainframe 1 16 1
Loading CC, CP, CR CC, CP, CR, CV CC, CP, CR, CV
User Definable
Arbitrary (XY)
Low Power (40W)
Low Power (40W)
Short Circuit
Digital In/Out  
OV Relay  
V & I Digitizer
Built-in Safety
Windows GUI
  More Info More Info | More Info More Info | More Info
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* The above specifications show typical configurations & are subject to change. Contact NH Research, Inc. for more information and assistance in customizing a product