Power Electronics Test Instruments & Systems

NH Research (NHR) is a leading manufacturer of power electronics test instruments and systems for the automotive, aerospace and defense, battery/energy storage, renewable energy and power conversion industries. Our application test solutions provide modular configurations, expandable power, integrated safety features, wider operating envelopes, built-in measurements, and faster transient response-times. We enable you to confidently push the boundaries of test.

Battery Emulators & Simulators - NH Research (NHR)

Battery Emulators & Simulators

NHR’s battery emulators are used to emulate a battery or DC Power. Applications include testing components and systems such as powertrain, DC fast charging, satellites, solar PV, and energy storage systems.
Battery Module Pack Test - NH Research (NHR)

Battery Module Pack Test

NHR’s battery module and pack test systems are used to test all battery chemistries, fuel cells and super capacitors. We offer comprehensive test solutions for R&D and manufacturing.
Battery Test Management Software - NH Research (NHR)

Battery Test Management Software

Enerchron® is a powerful but easy to use test executive created for battery testing to simplify and accelerate your test automation.
AC & DC Electronic Loads - NH Research (NHR)

AC & DC Electronic Loads

NHR’s programmable AC and DC loads are flexible instruments that can be used in customer built test systems.
AC & DC Sources - NH Research (NHR)

AC & DC Sources

NHR’s programmable AC and DC sources are flexible instruments that can be used in customer built test systems.

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