Power Conversion Test Equipment

NH Research (NHR) provides high performance test equipment ideal for functional testing of power conversion devices. Design verification, engineering characterization and functional testing often require testing at high volumes. NHR’s modular, automated test equipment simplifies testing for the user by providing highly flexible configurations, ease of programming, comprehensive measurement capability and exceptional test throughput.

NHR’s programmable AC and DC electronic loads enable faster, scalable and more repeatable testing. Key features include fast speed currents, modular and scalable power, advanced measurements and multiple layers of built-in safety. Applications include power devices, chargers, fuse testing, DC supplies, LED drivers, telecom rectifiers, data center servers and DC-DC converters.

Power Conversion Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)
DC DC Converter Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)

DC-DC Converter Testing

DC-DC Converter testing requires the use of high performance test equipment to accurately and safely simulate input and output conditions. DC-DC power converters need to be tested in a controlled, simulated environment to prevent damaging the end product. Whether performing design validation or evaluating product performance, NHR provides repeatable test results you can rely on.

NHR’s modular, programmable DC loads provide fast transients and inrush simulations of today’s and tomorrow’s applications. The 4300 DC Load is ideal for rack and stack ATE customers, military as well as aerospace applications. NHR’s power supply test systems offer system level solutions.

Charger & Adapter Testing

Charger and adapter testing must be completed in parallel to reduce overall test time. Testing a few units at a time simply isn’t competitive anymore. The 4300 Modular DC Load can test up to 16 loads in a single chassis, ideal for simultaneous testing of multiple UUTs or multi-output power supplies. For system solutions, the S600 Power Supply Test System has the smallest form factor in the industry.

AC Source/DC Loads

Charger & Adapter Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)
Data Server Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)

Data Servers Test Equipment

NHR provides reliable test equipment for data service networks to ensure product performance and safety. NHR’s DC Loads provide modular testing with fast transients and accurate inrush simulations. The 4300 Modular DC Load can test up to 16 loads in a single chassis, ideal for simultaneous testing of multiple UUTs or multi-output power supplies. The AC Loads provide any linear and non-linear load profiles required.

AC & DC Test Instruments


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