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NH Research (NHR) provides ATE-friendly test equipment that serves both traditional and modern military and defense applications for land, air, and sea. Military and defense industries are transitioning to renewable energy and electric forms of power which raise new challenges in testing. The growth of electrification markets such as renewable energy, energy storage and transportation electrification requires the right test solutions to address both today’s technologies and tomorrow’s innovations.

With over 30 years of ATE experience in military and defense programs, we offer high performance test solutions and expert consultation to industry. We provide long-term program support across R&D, manufacturing production, and sustainment. Our long-standing partnerships include the U.S. Navy, Army, Marine Corps and Airforce as well as universities and national research labs.

Military & Defense Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)

U.S. Manufacturing & Veteran-Owned Business

NHR is proud to support federal initiatives for over 30 years. We support new and legacy test equipment to keep you operational for the life of your program. All of our test equipment is manufactured in the U.S.A. and we are a veteran-owned business which meets the supplier requirements of many federal programs.  Examples of our support to military satellite programs include:

ATE-friendly Test Equipment

NHR provides traditional automated test equipment for power supply, power conversion and charger testing commonly used in military and defense programs. We provide flexible, modular test solutions that are easy to use, accurate, and reliable. NHR’s 4300 Modular DC Load excels in meeting the high performance, safety and limited space requirements of major defense ATE programs, today. The highest level of functional test is economically feasible with NHR’s 5700 Engineering Characterization Test System..

Military ATE Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)
Power Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)

Next Gen Power Test Solutions

Military and defense industries require the right test equipment to evaluate applications using next generation power such as batteries, fuel cells, solar PV, or grid-tied technologies. NHR’s regenerative, bi-directional sources are critical for emulating today’s real world environment in which power flows both directions. Battery emulation and grid simulation capabilities provide testing advantages in markets such as electric vehicles, electric aircraft, energy storage, and renewable energy. The combination of these two types of test solutions is especially ideal for e-mobility and micro-grid applications in which reduced test time and energy savings are significant.

Transportation Electrification Test Solutions for Land, Air & Sea

NHR provides comprehensive military and defense test equipment for land, air and sea including the electrification of vehicles, tanks, ships, trains and aircraft. With increasing power requirements, NHR’s scalable power is ideal for both traditional and modern electric vehicle architectures. Applications include test equipment for batteries, electric powertrain and propulsion systems, chargers and power electronics.

Transportation Electrification Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)
Renewable Energy Microgrid Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)

Renewable Energy & Microgrid Test Solutions

Test the impacts of electrification with renewable energy test solutions that meet today’s technology and tomorrow’s innovations. NHR provides microgrid test solutions for new power management systems, solar (PV), energy storage systems (ESS), distributed generation (DG), fast chargers, facility loading, and the utility grid. Test equipment includes grid-simulators, battery test systems, battery emulators, AC/DC load and sources.

Satellite, Radar & Electronic Warfare Test Solutions

NHR offers power electronics testing for satellite, radar and electronic warfare (EW) technology to ensure reliable security and defense applications. Safely test with accuracy and fast transients to simulate real-world conditions.

Battery Test Solutions Used at Battery Lab Facility - NH Research (NHR)


AC Load Testing - NH Research (NHR)

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Battery Test - NH Research (NHR)

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Testing Fuel Cell EV Applications - NH Research (NHR)

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