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Charging Test Solutions

NH Research (NHR) provides advanced test equipment ideal for testing e-mobility charging solutions, high power industrial-scale battery chargers, as well as lower power charger applications. With the growth of transportation electrification and renewable energy markets, the testing and development of  DC fast chargers and charging solutions are critical to address new power requirements.

NHR’s modular and scalable power enables you to test today’s technologies and expand for future test requirements. NHR’s  9410 Regenerative Grid Simulator is used to simulate the Grid or AC power source while NHR’ s 9300/9200 Battery Emulator is used to emulate the high voltage battery or DC load.  For lower power charger applications, NHR’s DC loads and Power Supply Test Systems offer high volume testing with multi-channel capability.

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Charging Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)

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DC Fast Charging Test Solutions

Today’s EV charging infrastructure must address a wide range of electric vehicle power levels that continue to rise.  DC fast chargers now operate at higher voltage levels to accommodate faster charge times and larger batteries. Using batteries as power sources for DC fast charger testing is extremely time-consuming and costly. NHR’s 9300/9200 Regenerative Bi-directional DC source can safely emulate a DC fast charger, or a high voltage battery that can accept DC fast charging. Battery emulation dramatically reduces testing time, provides highly repeatable test results, and creates a safer test environment. The ability to emulate a wide range of vehicles, regardless of its battery characteristics and power levels, dramatically simplifies test.

  • Battery emulation sinks & sources to maintain voltage regulation
  • Fast response times to emulate real world conditions
  • Source mode emulates Level 3 DC chargers
  • Regenerative load > 90% Energy Efficiency
  • Layered, built-in safety features

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Fast Charger Test Systems - NH Research (NHR)

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On-Board Charger Test Solutions

Testing the On-Board Charger (OBC) requires both an AC power source and a DC load. Simulating facility power with NHR’s 9410 Regenerative Grid Simulator or AC Source allows the engineer to adjust the input frequency, voltage, and simulate power line disturbances.  Simulating the battery system with NHR’s Battery Emulator or Regenerative DC Load allows the engineer to draw power from the DC side of the charger.

On Board Charger Testing - NH Research (NHR)

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Industrial Battery Charger Test Solutions

Battery Emulators & DC Loads for Charger Testing

Industrial battery charger testing is widely used across industry sectors. Common applications include testing industrial-scale battery chargers for fork lifts, pallet jacks, lift trucks, etc. In most cases, these types of chargers and stationary batteries are often expensive, quite large and difficult to move. The 9300/9200 Regenerative DC Load can safely emulate a charger, or a high voltage battery that can accept charging. Battery emulation dramatically reduces testing time, provides highly repeatable test results, and creates a safer test environment.

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Industrial Battery - NH Research (NHR)

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Charger & Adapter Test Solutions

Charger and adapter testing must be completed in parallel to reduce overall test time using the right test equipment. Testing a few units at a time simply isn’t competitive anymore. The 4300 Modular DC Load can test up to 16 loads in a single chassis, ideal for simultaneous testing of multiple UUTs or multi-output power supplies. For system solutions, the S600 Power Supply Test System has the smallest form factor in the industry.

AC Source/DC Loads

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Onboard Charger Test Equipment - NH Research (NHR)

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