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Electric Vehicles DC Fast Charging deployments are accelerating. The ability to simulate these loading profiles is critical for: validating sophisticated load management systems and assessing the impact on the grid.

Regenerative bi-directional sources, grid simulators and battery emulators are the engineer’s tool for testing new power management systems, solar (PV), energy storage systems (ESS), electric vehicles (EV) and DC Fast Chargers (DCFC). These bi-directional capabilities are especially ideal for utility companies to test and understand the impacts of e-mobility and grid-tied devices (DG and V2G) on the grid.

Simulating the bidirectional power flows to and from the grid substantially speeds up testing time and reduces energy costs. Grid simulators are used to verify the AC product performance while DC battery emulators are used to emulate an energy storage system. This combination is a complete solution for IEEE 1547, UL 1741, and similar grid-tied standards as well as impact studies around the globe.

Applications include evaluating electric loading profiles for EVs, micro-grid and V2G.

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Utility Grid & V2G Test Systems

Regenerative Loads & Sources

9200 Battery Test System - NH Research, Inc.NHR’s battery test systems are regenerative, bi-directional DC sources. The 9300 High Voltage Battery Test System  has a dual power range that covers both lower (up to 600 V) and higher power (up to 1200 V) applications using a single product. This modular system can be scaled up to 2.4 MW in 100 kW building blocks. The 9200 Series Battery Test System has voltages of 40, 120 or 600V, capable of charge/discharge and cycle testing of 10 – 250kW module and pack-level batteries.These highly flexible systems can be integrated into an existing software environment, run from a PC with NHR’s Enerchron® Test Software or locally through a touch-panel.