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LED Power Driver Testing

Power Supply Test Systems for LED Power Drivers

LED Power Driver Testing is used for Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). LEDs have made their way into various applications such as industrial/outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, residential lighting, cell phone camera flash, automotive lights, garden lighting, portable flashlight, signage and LCD backlighting. LEDs have many benefits such as low power consumption, compact size, extended life expectancy and flexibility, these benefits make it ideal for a variety of lighting applications. However, the key to the quality, performance and reliability is the LED Power Driver.

An LED power driver provides power to the LEDs and is designed as a constant current source (due to their characteristics). Although LED power drivers’ functions and characteristics differ from the general switch mode power supply (SMPS), the components used, the design and the testing requirements are very similar. NH Research, Inc.’s (NHR) test solution for LED power driver testing is a dc power supply test system optimized for hyper-fast testing of power conversion devices, the Multi-Channel Tester – S600 Series.

NHR DC Power Supply Test Systems deliver the power, precision and flexibility needed to meet or exceed your test solution needs.

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Power Supply Test Systems

DC Power Supply Test Systems

led power driver testing - dc power supply test system s670 seriesThe S600 Series Multi-Channel Testers are built for High-Speed Parallel Testing of Adapters, Chargers, LED Power Drivers, DC Converters, Voltage Regulator Modules, Point-of-Load Converters & AC-DC Power Supplies