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Industrial Battery Charger Test Equipment

Battery Emulators & DC Loads for Charger Testing

Industrial battery charger testing is widely used across industry sectors, today. Common applications include EV fast charging and industrial-scale battery chargers for fork lifts, pallet jacks, lift trucks, etc. In most cases, these types of chargers and batteries are expensive, quite large and difficult to move.

Fast Charging Test Solutions

NHR’s  9300/9200 regenerative, bi-directional DC sources have next generation battery emulation capability that provides an advanced solution for fast charging.  The 9300/9200 series can safely emulate a fast charger,  or a high voltage battery that can accept fast charging. Battery emulation dramatically reduces testing time, provides highly repeatable test results, and creates a safer test environment. Using battery emulation instead of real batteries also eliminates operator error and environmental variables such as battery temperature or aging, to achieve precise results. To learn more about battery emulation, download Battery Emulation: Testing without Batteries.

Charger Testing (AC to DC)

Testing a charger often requires both an AC power source and a DC load. Simulating facility power with an AC source allows the engineer to adjust the input frequency, voltage, and simulate power line disturbances. For Bi-Directional chargers the configuration is very similar to grid-tied inverter testing. Please see the grid-tied section below for additional information.

NHR’s Bi-directional DC SourcesDC Electronic Loads , AC products deliver the power, precision and flexibility needed to meet or exceed your test solution needs.

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Battery Emulators & DC Electronic Loads

Battery Emulation for Charger Testing

9200 Battery Test System - NH Research, Inc.
NHR’s regenerative, bi-directional DC source have next generation battery emulation capability to emulate a fast charger or a high voltage battery that can accept fast charging. The 9300 Series  has a dual power range that covers both lower (up to 600 V) and higher power (up to 1200 V) applications using a single product. This modular system can be scaled up to 2.4 MW in 100 kW building blocks. The 9200 Series  has voltages of 40, 120 or 600V, capable of charge/discharge and cycle testing of 10 – 250kW module and pack-level batteries.

These highly flexible systems can be integrated into an existing software environment, run from a PC with NHR’s Enerchron® Test Manager or locally through a touch-panel located on the 9200 cabinet.

The High-Current DC Electronic Load (120V) 4700 Series and High-Voltage DC Electronic Load (600V) 4760 Series air-cooled dc loads can be used in applications where discharge only is needed. These loads can be controlled either through LabVIEW or NHR’s Enerchron® Test Manager.