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Power Cycling and Regenerative Testing

Regenerative Battery Test Systems

Power cycling and regenerative testing is used in a wide range of applications, charging, and development activities related to advanced batteries, fuel cells, ultra capacitors, hybrid energy systems, motors, generators, uninterruptible power systems, and powertrain components.

Regenerative electronic loads convert discharge power (P = V*I) back into usable electricity for the facility, thereby increasing flexibility in two ways. First, the total power demand and associated electrical costs are reduced. Second, regeneration creates significantly less waste heat, which in turn reduces the required energy and equipment required for facility cooling. This allows maximum flexibility when planning, upgrading, or rearranging laboratory or manufacturing workspace.

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Power Cycling & Regenerative Battery Test Systems

Battery Test Equipment

9200 Battery Test System - NH Research, Inc.The 9200 Series Battery Test System consists of bi-directional, regenerative DC power modules with voltages of 40, 120 or 600V. Capable of charge/discharge and cycle testing of 10 – 250kW module and pack-level batteries, this highly flexible system can be integrated into an existing software environment, run from a PC with NHR’s Enerchron® Test Manager or locally through a touch-panel located on the 9200 cabinet.