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Battery Discharge Testing

High Current & High Voltage DC Electronic Loads for Battery Discharge Testing

As we become more reliant on battery-centric solutions, determining battery performance and capacity thru battery discharge testing is of the utmost importance. New batteries are clearly noted with an ampere–hour rating, but those numbers can’t be used as much of a guide because over time batteries age because of exposure to years of usage, mishandling and neglect, which leads to degradation in performance, that’s where battery discharge test systems come in.

Even the best batteries lose running capacity and degrade with age, though it is evident that some do hold up better than others. In order to certify a battery’s suitability for a given job, you need to determine the condition of your battery. This commonly calls for a battery evaluation with an “industry standard” 6-hour battery discharge test. Battery discharge testing with dc electronic loads will determine the percentage of capacity remaining amongst other things.

With increasing widespread battery usage for micro-grids, energy storage, EVs, industrial equipment, etc., battery discharge testing is a critical application as we transform into a battery-centric world.

NH Research, Inc. (NHR) DC Electronic Loads and battery discharge test systems deliver the power, precision and flexibility needed to meet or exceed your test solution needs.

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DC Electronic Load Series

DC Electronic Loads

4700 DC Electronic Load (front)This power instrumentation consists of programmable AC & DC sources and loads for use in a customer designed & built battery discharge test systems.