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Telecom Rectifier Testing

Battery Test Systems for Telecom Rectifier Testing

Telecom rectifiers are an assembly of electronic and magnetic components, which together form a charging system for battery systems. Telecom rectifiers are commonly designed with hot-swap philosophy in case of failure.

Potential failures in telecom rectifiers can quickly be found through regular telecom rectifier testing. For telecom rectifier repairs – it is important to utilize an electronic load bank to test that it can meet all specifications after repair.

The three main culprits of rectifier failure are age, neglect, and lightning. NH Research, Inc. (NHR) electronic load banks simulate solid state systems and are perfect for testing precision power and current with constant power and current. DC load banks are incredibly valuable in performing a rectifier test in situations with AC-DC conversion systems, such as those in power generating wind farms, or DC power circuits and battery backups.

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Battery Test Systems

Battery Test Systems / Telecom Rectifiers

telecom rectifier testing - battery charge discharge test system 9200 series
This type of test system consists of a complete test solution for electrified vehicle batteries that require power cycling or simulated drive cycle profiles to determine long term performance.