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DC-DC Converter Testing

Testing DC-DC Converters in Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Power Conversion Applications

NH Research (NHR) provides a range of test equipment to test DC-DC power converters depending on your test requirements. DC-DC power converters are a commercial device where a power-converting circuit is used to up convert or down convert a source of direct current from one voltage level to another. DC-DC power converters are used in a diverse range of applications such as electric vehicles, aerospace and general-purpose power conversion applications.

Reliable power converters are important for system operation without interruption or damage. Whether performing design validation prior to manufacturing or evaluating a DC-DC converter for possible use in a product, you need a repeatable and precise test sequence. Standard DC-DC converter testing sequences measure performance criteria such as voltage accuracy, efficiency, line/load regulation, and transient response.

NHR’s modular and scalable DC Loads are perfect for applications that require simultaneous testing of multiple power conversion UUTs or multi-output power supplies. For bi-directional DC-DC power converters used in some modern vehicle architectures, NHR’s 9200/9300 Regenerative Loads are ideal to handle power in both directions.

For system solutions, NHR’s DC Power Supply Test Systems have the power, precision, and speed to perform comprehensive tests that traditionally require a power supply, DMM, and oscilloscope.

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DC-DC Converter Test Equipment

DC Modular Loads

Modular DC Loads Model 4350 - NH Research (NHR)NHR’s 4300 DC Loads have been used across a variety of major company initiatives and remains a highly competitive product on the market. The 4300 DC Loads are ideal for rack and stack ATE customers, military as well as aerospace applications. This flexible load measurement system can be reconfigured easily to test products in parallel which better simulates real-world conditions and improves testing time. The capability to combine up to 16 loads into a single chassis, with fast transient speed and synchronous measurement, opens several new test strategy possibilities. The 4300 DC Load is perfect for applications that require simultaneous testing of multiple power conversion UUTs or multi-output power supplies.

Another major advantage is the built-in 4301 Digital Power Analyzer that provides accurate UUT input measurements dedicated to each tester channel. This advanced digital measurement system is capable of measuring devices in a few seconds. The analyzer includes a power meter, multi-meter, and oscilloscope that together provides a powerful test solution.

DC Power Supply Test Systems

dc-dc coverter testing - dc power supply test system model 5700This type of test system consists of test solutions for the functional testing of DC power supplies, UPSs and similar power conversion components.