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AC-DC Charger Testing

Power Supply Test Systems for AC-DC Chargers

AC-DC charger testing is needed for AC-DC Chargers that are used with electrical devices that require power but do not contain internal components to derive the required voltage and power from mains power. The internal circuitry of an external power supply is very similar to the design that would be used for a built-in or internal supply.

External power supplies are used both with equipment with no other source of power and with battery-powered equipment, where the supply, when plugged in, can sometimes charge the battery in addition to powering the equipment.

NH Research, Inc. (NHR) provides fully-capable systems featuring comprehensive test capability, enterprise network compatibility, and minimum unit test times. These systems are intended for rapid testing of low-power products such as DC-DC converters, AC-DC chargers, adapters, and supplies. They provide the ideal solution for manufacturers.

NHR AC-DC Power Supply Test Systems deliver the power, precision and flexibility needed to meet or exceed your test solution needs.

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Power Supply Test Systems

DC Power Supply Test Systems

dc power supply testing - functional test system s450 seriesThis type of test system consists of test solutions for the functional testing of DC power supplies, UPSs and similar power conversion components.