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CFL Dimmer Testing

DC Electronic Loads for CFL Dimmer Testing

CFL dimmer testing requires switches, dimmers (including cfl dimmers), and ballasts to be certified to withstand the huge turn-on current surge created by the most challenging standard of tungsten-filament lamps. Regulations include UL 508 Section 61C, 17th Edition, NEMA 410-204, UL 1472 Overload (in-rush stimulation only), and UL 20 (various sections). Complying with these regulations is beneficial as there are many municipalities (in the United States) that have laws, codes or regulations which require a product to be tested by a nationally recognized testing laboratory before it can be sold in their area.

NH Research, Inc. (NHR) meets those standards required for lighting (cfl dimmer included) by testing with High Current DC Electronic Loads and High Voltage DC Electronic Loads. These electronic loads provide superior reliability derived from the inherent simplicity and safety of air cooling.

NHR DC Electronic Loads deliver the power, precision and flexibility needed to meet or exceed your test solution needs.

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DC Electronic Load Series

DC Electronic Loads

cfl dimmer testing - dc electronic loads model 4700This power instrumentation for customer-built test systems consists of programmable AC & DC sources and loads for use in a customer designed & built test systems.