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Electronic Power Conversion Application Test Solutions

NH Research, Inc. (NHR) has designed, built, installed and supported industry leading test instrumentation and turnkey test systems world-wide for over 50 years. Both instruments and systems are typically used to functionally test a wide variety of customer’s power conversion devices at either the research & development stage or at the end of a customer’s production line as the final check that their product is meeting all its specifications. In both functional areas, NHR provides highly flexible configurations, ease of programming, comprehensive measurement capability and exceptional test throughput. View our product comparison tables for Battery Test/Battery Emulation Testing, AC & DC Electronic Loads, AC & DC Sources, or AC & DC Regenerative for more details. Some of the application test solutions NHR covers include the following:

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Aerospace, Avionics & Defense

dc power supply engineering character design verify test system model 5700Aerospace, avionics and defense industries require testing at high standards because the consequences of a product failure are severe. NH Research, Inc. (NHR) can help you achieve these standards by providing high quality, precise and reliable products.

This highest level of functional test is economically feasible with the turnkey 5700 Engineering Characterization Test System. Not only is the hardware capable of comprehensive testing but the programming and report formatting together make this system ready to deliver outstanding results immediately.

Within the defense ATE community, NHR also excels in its modular DC loads and sources. The Modular Test System S400 Series and  Modular DC Electronic Loads 4300 Series are meeting the high performance requirements and limited space restrictions of several major defense ATE programs today.

Charger & Adapter Test

dc power supply multi channel test system s650 seriesCharger and adapter testing is another area where being competitive demands hyper-fast testing. Testing one unit at a time or even a handful of units at a time simply isn’t competitive anymore. NHR meets that requirement with its Model 600 Test System and its ability to test up to 16-units in a single pass. An added benefit is that the Model 600 has the smallest form factor in the industry, which makes it easy to integrate into a conveyor-based production line.

DC Power Supply Testing

dc power supply engineering character design verify test system model 5700DC Power Supply Testing, the original test system business of NHR, is now in its 4th generation with 4 types of testers:

  • The S400 Series – a compact production tester in 3 sizes for small-to-medium power levels
  • The S600 Series – the newest tester with capability of testing from 1 to 16 channels in parallel with complete precision measurements
  • The 5600 Universal Tester – a highly flexible tester that can be custom configured to meet the test requirements of a wide range of DC supplies
  • The 5700 Engineering Characterization Tester – When performing design verification tests or just seeking more extensive testing of high-reliability power supplies all the tools are here to achieve both comprehensive testing and reporting almost immediately.

Energy Storage Testing

high power battery charge discharge test system 9200 seriesNH Research, Inc. (NHR), is a worldwide supplier of industry leading Energy Storage Testing Solutions. We provide instruments and systems for the testing of batteries, fuel-cells, super capacitors, and similar energy storage devices as well as the electronic systems which use these accumulators including chargers, electric-vehicle (EV) power, battery management systems (BMS), critical power systems (UPS), Energy Storage Systems (ESS), grid-tied inverters, and more. Customers look to NHR for superior performance, ease of use, faster slew rates to match today’s technology, reduced testing time, improved safety, and energy savings. Our instruments and test systems use a modular approach to meet today’s energy storage testing requirements while being flexible and expandable for the future.

EV/HEV & Traction Battery Testing

high power battery charge discharge test system 9200 seriesNHR has two types of test equipment for EV/HEV & Traction Battery Testing.The Model 9200 Battery Test System consists of bi-directional, regenerative DC power modules with voltages of 40, 120 or 600V. Capable of charge/discharge and cycle testing of 10 – 250kW module and pack-level batteries, this highly flexible system can be integrated into an existing software environment, run from a PC with NHR’s Enerchron® Test Manager or locally through a touch-panel located on the 9200 cabinet.

The High-Current DC Electronic Load (120V) 4700 Series and High-Voltage DC Electronic Load (600V) 4760 Series air-cooled dc loads can be used in applications where discharge only is needed. These loads can be controlled either through LabVIEW or NHR’s Enerchron® Test Manager.

EV Powertrain Testing

ev powertrain testing - battery test system 9200 seriesEV Powertrain Testing can be done with NHR’s Battery Emulation Testing line which includes the High Power Battery Test System (9200) and the High-Voltage Battery Test System (9300) series. NHR’s Battery Emulation products are designed to emulate a battery rather than using a real battery. The emulated battery dramatically reduces testing time, provides highly repeatable test results, and creates a safer test environment. Also, preparation time, operator errors, and result variations due to battery temperature or aging, are eliminated.

Industrial Battery Charger Testing

high voltage dc load 4760 seriesThe test of Battery Chargers without using an assortment of batteries of declining charge state provides the advantages of more consistent test results in addition to increasing test throughput. One NHR solution with capability up to 48 kW, utilizes a combination of a Model 4700/4760 DC Load along with a programmable DC source to emulate a battery. Another NHR solution, with capability up to 72 kW, uses the 9200 Battery Test System with its bidirectional loads in a battery emulation mode.

PV/DG Grid Tied Inverter Testing

regenerative grid simulator model 9410
NH Research, Inc. (NHR) provides test equipment for PV/DG Grid Tied Inverter Testing which can simulate the utility connection as well as energy storage devices.The NH Research, Inc. 9410 Grid Simulator can provide a 1Φ, 2Φ, or 3Φ simulated utility connection while allowing per-phase controls for amplitude, wave shape, & the relative to a phase angle relationship. These features allow testing of any number of AC conditions including phase imbalance (in voltage and/or phase angle relationship), voltage sag, frequency changes, & harmonic injection. The included measurement system removes the need for an additional power meters, DMMs, oscilloscopes, or spectrum analyzers.

The 9200 Battery Test System includes a charge mode, a discharge mode, & a state of the art battery emulation mode which allows testing of a battery or electronically-emulating a battery. Using battery emulation replaces a real battery thereby eliminating risks associated with a battery failure even those potentially caused by a unit-under-test (UUT) failure. Additionally, battery emulation produces faster and more consistent testing by eliminating battery-related preparation time, operator errors, ∓ result variations due to temperature or aging.