NH Research’s 9300 Battery Test Systems & Battery Emulators Expandable to 2.4 MW

Enabling Electrification with Higher Power Battery Test Systems & Battery Emulators

High Voltage Battery Test System 9300 Series

NH Research Inc. (NHR), a leading provider of power electronics test solutions for the aerospace, automotive, defense and energy industries, announced that the popular 9300 high voltage battery test systems and battery emulators now covers more power ranges from 100kW up to 2.4MW. The innovative 9300 platform, introduced in early 2017, addresses the higher voltage and higher power test requirements for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. The platform provides a modular 100kW building block with dual voltage ranges of 600V or 1,200V and current up to 333A. It can now parallel up to 24 building blocks to get 2.4MW of power and up to 8,000A of current.

NHR’s 9300 modular battery test systems have become a popular choice for EV battery pack testing, EV powertrain testing, and DC fast charger testing where superior performance, safety, easy automation, and regenerative energy savings are important. The enhanced 9300 battery test system can be seen live at two key upcoming industry trade shows: The Battery Show Europe 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany from May 7th to 9th and at 2019 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference & Expo in Novi, MI June 19 to 21, 2019.

About NH Research

NH Research (NHR) enables electrification by accelerating innovation, validation and functional testing of today’s technologies. Backed by over 50 years of experience in power conversion and power electronics test systems and instruments, our test solutions deliver the performance, simplicity, and safety that engineers and researchers in aerospace, defense, automotive and energy industries require. For more information visit www.nhresearch.com.