NH Research Releases Enerchron® 2.0 Test Management Software

Experience the New & Improved Enerchron 2.0 Test Management Software Suite

Enrchron 2.0 Test Management SoftwareExperience the NEW & IMPROVED NH Research, Inc. Enerchron 2.0 Test Management Software Suite with advanced test creation, execution & reporting capability for battery cycling & other data-intensive test applications. This release is full of features such as: intuitive menu-driven test sequence editor, continuously collected measurements (time-stamped & archived), scalable test sequencing, import drive cycles & data driven testing to name a few. For full details visit the Enerchron 2.0 Test Management Software Suite webpage.

NH Research, Inc. has over 50 years experience working with, supporting & manufacturing power electronic test instruments & systems to some of the biggest names in the industry. To learn more about NH Research, Inc.’s full line of power electronics test systems and instruments please visit the NH Research, Inc. website. For more information about NH Research Inc. please visit our “About” page.

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