9300 Bender ISO 685 Connected

NH Research Increases Insulation Resistance for 9300 Battery Test Systems

NH Research Inc., a leading provider of power test solutions for the automotive and energy markets, now offers even higher insulation resistance for its Battery Test System (9300 Series) to accurately test safety features used in battery systems.

Standards such as the IRC 61557-8, UL2231-2, 49 CHR 571, FMVSS 305, DOT HS 812, GTR No. 13 and many others are requiring increasing levels of insulation resistance and detection systems in battery applications. The 9300 Series now provides exceptionally high insulation resistance to test to these systems and ensure the maximum product safety:

  • Greater than 20MOhm insulation resistance using a Bender ISO685 meter
  • 0 uA of DC current measured from DC+ to Chassis or DC- to Chassis

“In response to customer requests to better validate their own safety systems, we’ve increased the insulation resistance greater than 20MOhm per 100kW system.The 9300 provides one of the highest DC insulation resistance in battery test equipment available today.”

– Martin Weiss, Product Director at NH Research.

With increased battery use in today’s applications, safety remains a priority. Higher insulation resistance provides end users with an added safety by ensuring ground and objects from getting electrified or people from getting harmed. Testing of these systems is important for ensuring the safe use of the end product by end users.

Diagram: 9300 Bender ISO 685 Connected - NH Research
Bender ISO-685 Connecting to the NHR 9300

For more information on our Battery Test Solutions, visit our webpage at https://nhresearch.com/power-electronics-test-systems-and-instruments/battery-module-pack-test-systems/