NH Research, Inc. – Over 50 Years Manufacturing Test Equipment for Power Devices

Designers & manufacturers of power electronics test instruments & complete turn-key test systems.

Who is NH Research, Inc.?

NH Research, Inc. (NHR) is known as an innovator in power electronics testing and has developed the following testing features that have helped establish the power electronics testing industry standards:

  • The first electronic AC load with programmable crest factor and power factor
  • The first 500V / 100MHz multiplexer
  • The first loads and sources with embedded synchronized mixed mode (analog + digital) measurements
  • The first LED electronic load with user defined non-linear knee emulation
  • The first electronic load with built-in MPPT (maximum power point tracking)

NHR has provided test solutions worldwide to many of the biggest names in the industry

We have over 50 years experience working with, supporting, manufacturing, and supplying power electronic test instruments and complete turn-key test systems worldwide to some of the biggest names in the industry. Including, but not limited to:


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NHR power electronics test systems and instruments deliver the power, precision and flexibility needed to meet or exceed your test solution needs. Contact NHR today to further discuss your testing application needs.