NEW NH Research, Inc. Website Launched!

NHR’s Website Has Been Brought Up to Par with Modern Responsive Website Standards & is Now Live!.

nh research power electronics test systems & instruments website launchPower Electronics Test Systems & Instruments manufacturer NH Research, Inc has launched their updated website at with an intuitive way to quickly find products that suit your needs. You will also find various application notes & product data sheet downloads within the website. Visit today to experience the NEW NH Research, Inc. website!

Who is NH Research, Inc.?

We are innovators in power electronics testing. NH Research, Inc. has developed:

• The first electronic AC load with programmable crest factor and power factor
• The first 500V / 100MHz multiplexer
• The first loads and sources with embedded synchronized mixed mode (analog + digital) measurements
• The first LED electronic load with user defined non-linear knee emulation
• The first electronic load with built-in MPPT (maximum power point tracking)

NH Research, Inc. has provided test solutions to many of the biggest names in the industry

We have over 50 years experience working with, supporting and manufacturing power electronic test instruments and systems to some of the biggest names in the industry. Including, but not limited to:

Argonne Labs, ƒƒBAE, ƒƒBoeing, ƒƒChrysler, ƒƒEADS, ƒƒFord, ƒƒGeneral Dynamics, ƒƒGeneral Electric, ƒƒGeneral Motors, ƒƒHoneywell, ƒƒLockheed Martin, Mercedes-Benz, ƒƒNASA, ƒƒNorthrop Grumman, ƒƒNREL, ƒƒOak Ridge Labs, ƒƒRaytheon, ƒƒSandia, ƒƒTextron, ƒƒUL, ƒƒ& UTC

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