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그만큼 디지털 전력 분석기? 모델 4301 is primarily designed for use in automated test environments configured for simultaneous testing of multiple power conversion UUTs. The digital power analyzer?s advantage in this application are speed, size and measurement performance. Speed is achieved through having a single instrument capable of making a wide range of measurements dedicated to each test channel. Test system size is minimized through the modular single-card design, 16 of which can be fitted into a multi instrument chassis. Measurement performance is achieved by deriving an extensive number of high accuracy measurements from a digitized waveform. This last capability is particularly useful where input as well as output measurements are necessary to precisely calculate UUT efficiency.

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고속 병렬 테스트를위한 새로운 S600 시리즈 테스트 시스템 소개 새로운 S600 시리즈 테스트 시스템 (https://nhresearch.com/power-electronics-test-systems-and-instruments/dc-power-supply-test-systems/multi) 채널 테스터 -s600- 시리즈 /)는 어댑터, 충전기, DC 컨버터, 전압 조정기 모듈, AC-DC 전원과 같은 대용량 전력 변환 장치의 초고속 테스트를 위해 설계되었습니다.

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