Enabling Electrification Around the World - NH Research (NHR) サポート Technical Expertise, Diagnostic Tools,
& Replacement Parts to Resolve
Problems Rapidly.


NHRは、世界クラスの製品と優れた顧客サービスの提供に取り組んでいます。信頼性と応答性の高いサポートをお客様に提供します。 NHRでは、すべての顧客をパートナーと考えています。

  • 専門知識 ? Our team includes application, product design and engineering specialists on stand-by to support your needs.
  • アクセス ? Our rapid response times and high quality service sets us apart from the competition. Visit us in person or give us a call. We make every customer a priority. At NHR, you have direct access to our team.
  • 世界中のローカルサポート ?当社の設計、エンジニアリング、製造サポートは、国内および海外です。技術専門家、診断ツール、校正サービス、交換部品があり、世界中どこでも問題を迅速に解決します。

Contact support via Eメール: support@nhresearch.com 電話: (949) 474-3900 Ext. 4 or the ウェブサイト.


NHR is committed to providing reliable and responsive support to our customers. We maintain sales and service with fully staffed technical resources, diagnostic tools and replacement parts to resolve problems quickly anywhere in the world.

NHR Life-Cycle Support Stages

Design & Manufacture

These services and solutions shorten the design time, create efficiencies in processes and facilities, and get your production up and running fast.

Commission, Maintain & Repair

We?ll help ensure the reliability of your NHR test equipment, the integrity of your test set-up, and promote workplace safety.

Upgrade & Enhance

Our service solutions extend equipment life, accelerate business workflow, and help maximize safety.
EVバッテリー-NH Research(NHR)


If you don?t have the resources, time, expertise, or budget to service your test equipment, we offer high quality, cost-effective support services that you can trust. We don?t take shortcuts.

  • Improve worker productivity and minimize equipment downtime.
  • Conveniently schedule service as needed
  • Ensure diagnostics, repairs, calibration, etc. is accurate and reliable.
  • Eliminate safety risks associated with power.
  • Reduce shipping costs and save on transit times
  • Get services done by technicians who are experts in NHR test equipment.


For more information and pricing, contact your sales representative or email sales@nhresearch.com.

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Priority Response Time
  • Priority Access to Supply Chain
  • On-Site Calibration
  • Consulting Services
  • Software Services
  • Retrofit Services
  • Training Packages

Have a Question Regarding Support Services?

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