高電圧バッテリテストシステム? 9300シリーズ

Modular, Regenerative Battery Test System with Power Range from 100kW up to 2.4MW


  • Bi-directional DC Source and Load
  • Right-sized 100kW modules scalable to 2.4MW/8000A
  • Wide operating envelope, dual range 600V, 1200V
  • 回生、90%を超える放電電力の効率がAC主電源に戻りました
  • Current, voltage & mode transitions <2 mSec
  • チャートとスコープ表示を備えた組み込みデジタル測定
  • Battery emulation mode
  • Touch panel, LabVIEW® & IVI Drivers
  • エナークロン® Test Executive (optional)
高電圧バッテリテストシステム9300シリーズ-NH Research、Inc.


NHR?s 9300 high voltage battery test system includes power ranges from 100kW up to 2.4MW. It provides dual voltage ranges of 600V and 1,200V to cover both lower and higher power applications within a single product. This innovative battery test system addresses the higher voltage and higher power battery test requirements for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, solar PV inverters, aerospace and other critical power industries. NHR?s battery test systems are used as battery cyclers, regenerative, bi-directional DC sources, regenerative DC loads, high power DC sources, or Battery / DC emulators.

The High-Voltage Battery Test System (9300 Series) is a fast-acting, fully programmable, and bi-directional DC source (charge) that provides reversible current flow in order to act as a regenerative DC load (discharge). Both modes support any combination of constant power, constant voltage, and constant-current regulation limits.

Key differentiating features from other battery cyclers on the market include flexible control options, modular and scalable power, fast transients, built-in safety, and ease of use. We also offer comprehensive battery test systems solutions that include battery test software for easy test program creation and enterprise battery test lab management.


  • すべてのバッテリーケミストリーをテストおよびエミュレートするために設計
    ? UUTを保護する複数の安全層
  • バッテリーエミュレーション テスト開発時間を短縮するハードウェア(OCVおよび直列抵抗)ソフトウェアツール
    –付属のLabVIEWおよびIVI-C / IVI-COMドライバー
    –オプション: エナークロン® テストシーケンサー


  • 回生式で、設備に90%を超える電力を返すため、電気を大幅に節約できます。
  • デュアルレンジ:1200V / 167Aおよび600V / 333A @ 100kW
  • モジュール設計により、最大2.4MW / 8000Aのフィールド拡張が可能
  • 「現実世界」を安全にシミュレートしてエミュレートします条件
    – BMSとバッテリーの障害を安全にエミュレートします


モデル# 9300-100 9300-200 9300-300 9300-400 9300-500 9300-600
格付け 100kW 200kW 300kW 400kW 500kW 600kW
最大電流@ 600V 333A 666A 999A 1332A 1665A 1998A
1200Vでの電流 ±167A ±334A ±501A ±668A ±835A ±1002A
  9300-700 9300-800 9300-900 9300-1000 9300-1100 9300-1200
格付け 700kW 800kW 900kW 1000kW 1100kW 1200kW
最大電流@ 600V 2331A 2664A 2997A 3330A 3663A 3996A
1200Vでの電流 ±1169A ±1336A ±1503A ±1670A ±1837A ±2001A
動作状態 充電(ソース)、放電(ロード)、スタンバイ、バッテリーエミュレーション
充電/放電モード 定電圧(CV)、電流(CC)、電力(CP)、直列抵抗(CR)
充電エンベロープ 0 - 600V/±333A, 0 -1200V/±167A
封筒の排出 30 - 600V/±333A, 60 - 1200V/±167A
電圧精度 0.025%セット+ 0.025%範囲
電流精度 0.1%セット+ 0.1%範囲
スルーレート Same polarity 10 - 90%
並列性 最大12チャネル(2.4MW)の同期制御
開発元 タッチパネル、Excelまたはユーザーのシステムコントローラーからインポート
最大手順 1000
最小時間遅延 50µS
最大ステップ遅延 1mS - 7 days
サイズ(HxWxD) 78 x 28 x 39"/1981 x 711 x 991mm
重量 1200lbs / 544kg
*上記の仕様は典型的な構成を示しており、変更される可能性があります。詳細については、NH Research、Inc.にお問い合わせください。



Webinar: Get Your Battery Project Back On Track in 2021
Webinar: Battery Module/Pack Test Requirements
EV Xray Powertrain Front Side - NH Research (NHR)

Testing Applications

Battery Test:

  • EV/ESS Battery Module/Pack Test
  • Battery Characterization
  • Cycling, Life-cycle
  • Charge, Discharge
  • Fuel Cell Test-Module, Stack

Battery Emulation:

  • EV Powertrain, Avionics Propulsion Systems
  • DC Fast Charger
  • Power Conversion: DC/DC Converters, Inverters
  • On-board Charger, UPS, Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  • Microgrid, ESS, PV Emulation

The Power of Choice: Multiple Control Options

The ability for a battery test system to interface with and control an entire test environment is critical. Engineers need to have multiple ways to control the battery test instrument. Depending on the specific need, an engineer may 1) choose to have direct access to the drivers for in-house programming, 2) choose to use an integrator, or 3) choose NHR?s Enerchron® Test Executive software solution.

All NHR battery test systems can be easily integrated into existing test platforms or as the power stage for new test platforms. To achieve this, NHR provides fully documented drivers using either IVI or SCPO languages along with examples, applications, and integration support. NHR also has a number of integration partners who are familiar with our hardware and can deliver a full turn key test system. These integrators develop fully custom systems using your specified hardware sensors and fixturing components.

Chart: Flexible Control & Integration
Flexible control & integration
Diagram: Modularity & Flexibility 9300 Series - NH Research (NHR)

Modular & Scalable Power

All NHR battery module/pack test systems are designed for fully independent operation and can be paralleled, increasing the maximum power and current capability to the level required. This modular expansion ensures that you can start testing today?s application levels, knowing that additional power is available in the future. Expansion of the 9300 system is as simple as adding an additional cabinet(s) to reach the desired power levels up to 2.4 MW.


NHR?s 9300 Battery Emulators provide the flexibility to address today?s higher voltage levels, and modularity to expand for future requirements. Customers are able to simulate a wide range of battery power levels without having to change test equipment. New electric transportation architectures are now operating between 800/1000 VDC to enable faster DC charging. The 9300 has a dual power range that covers both lower (up to 600 V) and higher power (up to 1200 V) applications using a single product. Unlike custom built solutions, the 9300 provides maximum flexibility in voltage and power, providing full power from 300 V ? 1,200 V.

Chart: Wide Operating Envelope 9420
Wide operating envelope means full power available from 300 V - 1,200 V


NHR?s 9300 Battery Test Systems provide the speed and performance to accurately emulate today?s technologies and tomorrow?s innovations. NHR?s 9300 provides fast hardware performance and software command response to respond to real world conditions.

Slow rise-time of typical DC supply
Sub-millisecond rise time of NHR

Built-in, Multiple Layers of Safety

When it comes to testing new battery technologies, safety is vital. NHR solutions provide mulitple layers of hardware and software protection. The combination of safety contactors, reverse polarity checker, and pre-charge circuitry are built-in automatically to the hardware and easy to control in a single solution. There are no hidden fees or added costs, and safety is designed into the product versus being an afterthought. All of these safety mechanisms are controlled and fully integrated into the automation system, providing full safety control throughout the test enviornment.

Diagram: 9300 Integrated Safety Features
All Included, Plus Additional Multiple Layers of Safety
Programmable Safety Limits

Comprehensive Battery Test Solutions

We?re your partner in test. We provide comprehensive battery test solutions for the entire product life cycle. We have solutions and in-house application experts that can help you at any design or manufacturing stage whether you?re at the R&D engineering or high volume manufacturing stages.


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