Compact Battery Cycler – 4800 Series

Multi-function Battery Cycler for Testing and Validation of Batteries, Fuel Cells, Energy Storage Systems, & More!


  • Fully integrated battery cycler: built-in isolation contactor relays, pre-charge circuit, reverse polarity checker
  • Voltage models from 80VDC
  • Modular and scalable power (Parallel)
  • High power density in 4U chassis
  • High Performance Source and Regenerative Load
  • Regenerative power > 90% (Typical)
  • SiC-based technology
  • Fast transient speeds: Slew Rate < 1.5mS
  • Modes: Charge/Discharge, Load, and Battery Emulation
  • Optimize battery connections to minimize hazards
  • Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) Capability
  • Air-cooled (no liquid cooling) provides simplified maintenance
  • Advanced digital measurements
  • Control options: touch panel and SCPI
Compact Battery Cycler - NH Research (NHR)


The NHR 4800 is a highly versatile and compact battery cycler capable of delivering high-power performance in a 4U chassis. The multi-functional battery cycler can also serve as a DC source, DC load, battery emulator, and amplifier for power-level hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) testing. The NHR 4800 delivers up to 80VDC and 400A in a single unit while delivering scalable power ranging from 16.5kW up to 165kW. The fully integrated battery cycler includes isolation contactor relays, pre-charge circuitry, and a reverse polarity checker. In addition to battery cycling (sourcing and loading), the 4800 includes a wide range of additional operating modes including a built-in battery cycling profile controller, Arbitrary Profiles (XY and Macros), Sinusoidal on DC, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and more. The battery emulation mode allows for accurate emulation of batteries or other bi-directional DC busses for test applications that use batteries such as powertrain and propulsion, EV fast charging, and more. The PHIL feature provides additional testing capability that is especially required in research applications. The versatile system with integrated safety features can replace multiple instruments in research, validation, and production environments. The NHR 4800 can be operated from an integrated touch panel or using SCPI commands in LabVIEW and Python.


  • EVパワートレイン、アビオニクス推進システム
  • DC急速充電器
  • 電力変換:DC / DCコンバーター、インバーター
  • オンボード充電器、UPS、配電ユニット(PDU)
  • マイクログリッド、ESS、PVエミュレーション
  • サイクリング、ライフサイクル
  • 充電、放電
  • Fuel Cell Test-Module