Fonti DC

Modular, Regenerative, Bi-directional DC Sources

NH Research, Inc.'s (NHR) La linea Fonti di alimentazione CC include il rigenerativo  Sorgente DC bidirezionale ad alta tensione (9300), Modular Bi-directional DC Source (9200, 9210), Sorgente CC ad alta corrente (9220), DC Grid Simulator (9410), e HiVAR AC / DC Source (9420) serie. NHR's Le fonti di alimentazione CC sono utili per testare progetti su una vasta gamma di tensioni di ingresso CC.

NHR?s DC sources are designed for testing applications in all types of markets. We offer regenerative, bidirectional and AC/DC sources depending on your test requirements and application needs. All of our DC sources provide modular and scalable power, fast response times, advanced measurements, and built-in safety features to ensure high performance, safety and ease of use.

Regenerative bi-directional sources, grid simulators and battery/DC emulators are the engineer?s tool for testing new electric vehicles, DC fast chargers, satellite systems, solar (PV), energy storage, the utility grid, and power management systems. Simulating the bidirectional power flows to and from the grid substantially speeds up testing time and reduces energy costs.

Bidirectional DC source applications include testing batteries modules and packs, fuel cells, EV subsystems, battery/DC emulation, EV powertrain, propulsion systems, EV charging, energy storage systems, solar PV/wind, micro-grid, and power conversion. In addition, we also offer AC/DC sources for applications that require both AC and DC power.

Key Features:

  • Modular and scalable power
  • Regenerative, Bi-directional DC Power
  • Fast transients, sub-millisecond pulse
  • Built-in advanced measurements, waveform capture & analysis
  • High measurement accuracy with separate voltage/current ranges
  • Constant Loads ? CV, CC, CP, CR & in combination
  • PC control using LabVIEW & IVI drivers
  • Multiple layers of safety, built-in

View the Model Comparison per scegliere il prodotto di alimentazione CC adatto alle tue esigenze di test:

AC DC Regenerative Load - NH Research (NHR)
EV Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)

Bi-directional DC Source & Load

NHR?s Regenerative Bi-directional DC Source and Loads are ideal for high power test applications, with advanced features and over 90% energy efficiency. Bi-directional power flow allows accurate and effective testing of real-world conditions. Unlike bidirectional power supplies, our bidirectional DC sources ensure safety with built-in isolation relays, pre-charge circuits and polarity checkers. We give you the best performance with comprehensive test solutions that are reliable and cost-effective.

  • Regenerative discharge (load) > 90%
  • Built-in safety features including isolation relays, pre-charge circuits, polarity checkers, etc.
  • Battery/DC Emulation Mode (battery, powertrain, solar, satellite, ESS)
  • CAN, BMS, DAQ options

NHR? S High Voltage Bi-directional DC Source ? 9300 addresses the increasing power levels used in electric vehicle and renewable energy storage industries. It provides a dual power range (up to 600 V, 1200V) and can be ridimensionato fino a 2,4 MW in blocchi da 100 kW, offrendo un ampio intervallo operativo con tempi transitori rapidi.

NHR? S Bi-directional DC Source ? 9200 is ideal for DC power testing where maximum test configuration flexibility is needed to cover a broad range of voltage, current and power requirements. It includes expandable power ranges from 12kW modules up to 252 kW with 40,120 or 600V.

Modular configuration options for a 300 kW system

Fonti AC / DC

Simulatore di griglia rigenerativa

NHR?s 9410 Grid Simulator a bi-directional AC/DC Source with 8 power ratings scalable from 4 to 96 kW. This regenerative grid simulator has over 90% energy efficiency.

AC/DC Source with HiVAR

NHR?s 9420 AC/DC Source is unidirectional and has 7 power ratings, scalable from 8 to 96 kW.

  • Programmable 1, 2 or 3-Phase
  • Mix AC & DC on separate output channels
  • Dual AC voltage range ? 175, 350 VAC
  • Dual DC voltage range ? 200, 400 VDC
  • Scalable up to 96 kW
Data Server Test Solutions - NH Research (NHR)


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