Charges électroniques DC

Charges électroniques CC modulaires, à courant élevé et à haute tension

NH Research, Inc?s (NHR) DC Electronic Loads include the Charge modulaire CC (4312, 4350), Charge CC à courant élevé (4700), Charge CC haute tension (4760), and the Regenerative, Bi-Directional DC Loads (9200, 9300) séries.

NHR?s programmable DC Loads are designed for testing applications in all types of markets. Applications include testing batteries and fuel cells, EV subsystems (OBC, V2G, APM, DC-DC converters), chargers, solar panels, automated test systems, power conversion, power supplies, etc.

We offer a variety of DC electronic loads depending on your test requirements and application needs. There are three major categories of DC loads: modular, benchtop, and high power regenerative DC loads. All of our DC loads provide modular and scalable power, fast response times, advanced measurements, and built-in safety features to ensure high performance, safety and ease of use.

Principales caractéristiques:

  • Modular and scalable power
  • Fast transients, sub-millisecond pulse
  • Built-in advanced measurements, waveform capture & analysis
  • High measurement accuracy with separate voltage/current ranges
  • Constant Loads ? CV, CC, CP, CR & in combination
  • PC control using LabVIEW & IVI drivers
  • Multiple layers of safety, built-in

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Charges électroniques CA et CC - NH Research, Inc. (NHR)

Regenerative DC Loads

NHR?s Regenerative DC Loads are ideal for high power test applications, with advanced features and over 90% energy efficiency. Bi-directional power flow allows accurate and effective testing of real-world conditions.

NHR? S High Voltage Regenerative DC Load ? 9300 addresses the increasing power levels used in electric vehicle and renewable energy storage industries. It provides a dual power range (up to 600 V, 1200V) and can be scaled up to 2.4 MW in 100 kW building blocks, offering a wide operating envelope with fast transient times.

NHR? S Regenerative DC Load ? 9200 is ideal for DC power testing where maximum test configuration flexibility is needed to cover a broad range of voltage, current and power requirements. It includes expandable power ranges from 12kW modules up to 252 kW with 40,120 or 600V.

  • Regenerative discharge (load) > 90%
  • Built-in safety features including pre-charge circuit, isolation relays, etc.
  • Mode d'émulation de la batterie
  • CAN, BMS, DAQ options

High Voltage/High Current DC Loads

NHR? S programmable Charges électroniques CC are ideal for medium-to-high-power testing in all markets. The Charges électroniques CC (4700/4760) can be used as part of an automatic test station or as a stand-alone, bench-top set-up. The DC Electronic Load (4700) is a relatively low-voltage (120V) with high-current capability. The high-voltage DC Electronic Load (4760) est une charge électronique haute tension (600 V) pour les applications haute puissance.

  • Ideal for fast transients, ultra-low voltage loading (down to .01 VDC 8 power ratings)
  • 4700 Series – 1 kW / 200 A / 120 V to 36 kW / 7200 A / 120 V
  • 4760 Series – 1 kW / 50 A / 600 V to 36 kW / 1800 A / 600 V<?li>
  • Plage de faible puissance 1 kW haute précision

Charges modulaires CC

le 4300 charges CC sont idéales pour les clients rack et stack ATE, militaire aussi bien que aerospace applications. This flexible load measurement system can be reconfigured easily to test products in parallel which better simulates real-world conditions and improves testing time. The capability to combine up to 16 loads into a single chassis, with fast transient speed and synchronous measurement, opens several new test strategy possibilities. The 4300 DC Charge est parfait pour les applications qui nécessitent des tests simultanés de plusieurs UUT de conversion de puissance ou plusieurs blocs d'alimentation.

  • Highly modular, flexible, compact test requirements
  • Voltage rating ? 120 V or 500 V
  • 3 Power ratings ? 150, 300 & 600 W
  • Mix & Match up to 16 Loads
  • Independent measurement capability in a single 5U / 8 3/4″ chassis

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