Recharge VE - NH Research (NHR)

Véhicules électriques

Solutions de test EV pour groupes motopropulseurs électriques,
test de batterie, charge rapide CC et autres
applications de mobilité électronique.
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Batteries EV - NH Research (NHR) Test de batterie
Stockage d'Energie
Solutions de test pour tous les types de batteries,
piles à combustible, super-condensateurs
& dispositifs de stockage d'énergie.
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Military Defense - NH Research (NHR) Aérospatial
La défense
ATE amical et nouvelle génération
solutions de test de puissance de R & D
au maintien en puissance
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What NHR Offers

NHR?s solutions provide the performance, simplicity, and safety that engineers and researchers desire. NHR is a leading manufacturer of power test instruments and systems for a variety of industries and markets.

Industry Solutions

NHR enables electrification by accelerating innovation, validation and functional test of today?s technologies. Backed by over 50 years of experience in power conversion and power supply test systems we provide world class test instruments and systems.

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NH Research Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

NHR?s priority is to protect our employees, customers and communities as we continue to provide support to our customers.